Then Again... Maybe I Will

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This is a play that I wrote, directed and produced at my high school in 2008. It uses the death of the main character to explore the themes of youth, immortality, love and loss.

Then Again ... Maybe I will

An Original One-Act Play By Kendall Aiguier Stewart

Scene 1

Lights up on Alex is DL holding cell phone up to his ear


Leaving Voicemail

Hey Kate, it's me. I was thinkin' maybe we could watch a movie tonight? Call me when you get

this. I Love you. Bye.


Lights up DR Kate is surrounded by friends,


Looks at phone, says to phone as if to Alex

God, I didn't pick up your first two calls why did you think I would pick up the third? Kate's Friend Holding bottle toward Kate Kate, you want some? Kate Do you really even need to ask that question? Takes bottle, drinks We need some music Kate's Friend I'll get it, what do we want?

Kate Ummm, something we can dance to Techno music comes on, everyone dances, drinks, Kate picks up cell phone, yells over music God he's calling again. I'll just get it to shut him up. Hello? Hello? Hello? Oh Hi Alex ... No I don't think I can do anything tonight. My grandmother's in the hospital, my mom says I have to go see her. Alex DL on phone Is she ok? Kate I don't know, I think it's pretty serious. Alex What's that noise? Kate Oh that? That's just my stereo, I'm trying to calm my nerves, I'm really worried about my grandma. Alex Well, do you want me to come to the hospital with you? I will if you want me to. Kate Oh no, don't even worry about it I'm sure she'll be fine you don't have to come with me. Alex Are you sure? Kate Yeah, I'll just call you tomorrow. Alex Ok. Bye, I love you. Hangs up phone, lights out on him Kate K, Bye. Kate's Friend Laughs What did you say to him? Kate I told him my grandmother was in the hospital. Laughs Kate's Friend And he believed you? Kate Yeah he totally bought it, he even offered to come with me to visit her. Lights

Scene 2 Matt, Jessica and Jared sit on a couch, Alex stands in front of them. Matt clutches the TV remote and switches channels throughout the scene. Jared is rolling joint. Alex I don't even know what her problem is! I do everything for her. I pick her up and bring her wherever she needs to go, I buy her whatever she wants, I've never made her pay for a single thing! Not even a cup of coffee for Christ's sake! Matt Well, she's kind of a spoiled brat. I don't think she's had to pay for anything in her life. Alex My door is always open to her. She has a key to my house! Last summer she came over at nine in the morning, woke me up, and then we had breakfast together. Now she doesn't come over until eleven o'clock at night after she's done drinking with her friends. Jess Alex she's just taking you for granted. She doesn't know a great thing when she sees it. And she probably thinks that because you've been together so long she can just walk all over you. Jared Puts down the joint I'm going to be completely honest here, cause you're one of my best friends. Kate's hot and all, I mean look at her she's a total babe. But she's kind of a bitch. Matt Yeah, remember when we used to be friends with her? She used to chill with us every day, now she won't even say hi to us at school.

Jared I think you should dump her man. Alex I can't do that. I love her you know that. I just need to talk to her I guess. I don't want to right now though, her grandmother's in the hospital and she's visiting her tonight. She's probably a mess and I don't want to make matters worse. Matt Alex, drove by Kate walking with a bunch of kids earlier. They said they were headed over to that kid Bill's house. Alex What? Lights out

Scene 3 Alex bangs on the door of the house where Kate is. She answers the door, obviously drunk. Kate Alex hey! Hugs him, he doesn't hug back What are you doing here? Come on in welcome to the party! Alex What the hell Kate? Why would I go in there? Kate 'Cause it's a party come in! Alex Kate! You told me your grandmother was in the hospital remember? Kate Oh ... Well the thing with that was, that um, we thought she was in the hospital but then it turned out she was perfectly fine! So they all called me and I came here. And I was gonna call you in like five minutes but here you are! Alex No Kate you're lying and you're terrible at it. All you ever do is lie now. You make up excuse after excuse about why you can't hang out with me. Tonight your grandmother was in the hospital, last night you were babysitting, the night before that your sister was home from college. What'll it be tomorrow Kate, is your mom gonna have another baby or something? Kate No, Alex I swear last night I really was babysitting! I've never lied to you about anything I promise. Just come inside we can have a good time.

Alex No Kate I won't come inside. I don't even know half of those people. When did you start hanging out with them anyway? Do you know what I did tonight? I stayed in and watched TV with our friends. Or are they just my friends now, cause I'm pretty sure you haven't even spoken to them in months. Oh and you know what? They don't even ask about you anymore. They don't care where the hell you are, apparently I'm the only one who does. And what's the point since you obviously don't care what I'm doing. Kate Alex I do it's just ... Tries to walk down steps, trips Alex Look at you. You're too drunk to make it down one step. Is this who you are now? Are you that girl? The one who gets drunk every night and makes an ass out of herself? I bet you were in there hooking up with all the guys too weren't you? Kate Sits down and starts crying You can't talk to me like that! People don't talk to their girlfriends like that Alex! Alex You aren't my girlfriend, Kate. Not Anymore. Storms off leaving Kate alone. Kate turns to walk back into the house then stops hearing the car crash. Lights out Scene 3.5 Silent. Jess paces back and forth center. Matt enters slowly, pauses halfway toward her, shakes head. Jess runs to him, cries.

Scene 4 Actors sit in semi-circle, Alex sits DR on edge of stage obviously separate, spot DL on Mourners 1 and 2 Mourner 1 I can’t believe this happened. Mourner 2 Yeah I always knew that that intersection by Bill’s house was crazy, but I never thought… Mourner 1 He was stopped at a red light and the guy just rammed into him Mourner 2 Have the cops found out who did it? Mourner 1 No… Spot shifts to Jess, Jared and Matt, center Jess I can’t believe that Kate set this memorial up, why wouldn’t his parents do it? Matt I guess they thought it’d be too hard and wanted to focus on the actual funeral? Jess That makes sense I guess, but come on, Kate? Matt Jess, it’s obviously because she feels guilty. She knows that if eh didn’t go to see her he wouldn’t have… Jess I shouldn’t have let him go. I knew it wasn’t going to end well. I knew it! Matt But Jess you didn’t know it was going to end like this. And if anyone should feel guilty, it’s me. I told him where she was, knowing completely well that he would go after her. Jared Man, if anyone should feel guilty it’s Kate. And she obviously does. So can we all just shut up and let this day be for him? Lights out Scene 5 Alex DL to audience So I guess I'm watching my own memorial service? Which means I'm dead. That's quite unfortunate ... Whatever, nothin' I can do about it now right? Good to see the usual suspects are here, Matt, Jess, Jared. Kate? Runs over to her, she can't see him, looks her directly in the face I am dead. Because of you. Kate Thank you for coming everyone. I'm sorry it was a little rushed but given the circumstances ... Alex would be really happy to know you were all here. I guess we can all start by giving our favorite memories of him? Jess To herself Who are you to be up there right now? You never cared about him at all. You didn't know him half as well as the rest of the people in this room. Don't you dare get up there and act like he mattered to you, you're just a rich princess looking for sympathy! Matt I guess I'll go. Takes podium My favorite memory of him? There are so many. (Chuckles) I remember once we were at his house, and keep in mind that we had sma ... We were in a really weird mood. But that's irrelevant. Anyway we got it into our heads that it would be a good idea to light some farts. Starts crossing left to Alex

So we were beefin' it up, and I've got one brewin' but it's not ready to pop just yet. Alex lets out a nice ripper, like a perfect (Fart Sound) and the flame catches the ass of his pants on fire. I laughed wicked hard until I realized his ass was actually on fire. We must've anticipated something like that though, 'cause we had a bucket of water with us. To Alex, Laughing Dude! Sit in the bucket! You're in flames man! Alex sits in bucket, Matt falls on floor laughing Dude you look like a little kid the first time they try to use the toilet. You know like when they fall in? Alex Laughing Oh Word! I know exactly what you're talking about. Freezes Matt Turns back to the audience So after a bit I obviously had to ask him if he was okay. I mean come on, his ass had just caught on fire. You know what he said? He just looked at me and said all wise as if it made sense Freezes Alex He, who eats the cheese, does not get the macaroni. Lights out on Alex,

Scene 6 Jared He was on a different level from all of us. He was so smart. He knew Everything about everything. Whenever I was wondering anything he was always the one that I went to. Like this one time I asked him who invented basketball and he knew immediately who it was. He didn't even have to think about it. I can't even remember who it was now. But man if he was here, he'd know. It was really weird though, 'Cause he got terrible grades. Everyone who met him thought he was a dumbass. He didn't do anything in class. He didn't even go to school half the time. And you know why? He was too smart for school. He would just sit in class and write weird poems in his notebook or draw mushrooms on his folders. He'd never let anyone read any of his poems either. I always hoped he'd show them to me, but he never did. That's why I feel bad reading one now. He would've kicked my ass if he ever caught me reading one. But here goes. I'll miss you man. It's called \"Then again, maybe I will\" (Lights out on Jared, Lights up on Alex standing DR) Alex I've been told I was put here for a reason But for what I can't see

'Cause the things that I do are treason To the body that is me. I've been told I will be a famous writer But talent I don't see I am definitely not a Sylvia And I'm surely no Bukowski. So maybe just to see what will happen next And maybe I will live Long enough to see the world receive the gift That I hope I have to give. Looks toward Jared By the way Jared, James Naismith invented basketball. Lights out on Alex Scene 7 Jessica He lived down the street from me my whole life, but we didn't actually become friends until maybe five years ago? Wow that's like twelve years we didn't know each other. That's funny, twelve years is a long time, but those twelve years seem so insignificant compared to the five years we were friends. Walks DR To couch We would never even do anything when we hung out. We would just sit around and watch movies or something. Sounds like a good time right? I don't think we ever really watched a full movie together though. We'd end up having these accidentally deep conversations too. Everything Alex said had a double meanining, like the real thing he wanted to say was just below the surface. He would bring up one topic get me completely focused on it, and then switch it so fast I wouldn't even notice he'd done it. He could start with something like; Alex I hate that kid Bill so much. No like seriously, its pretty bad. I don't know him at al1. Never had a conversation with him in my whole life. But I was reading his article in the school paper the other day

Jess Yeah it sucked! I had to edit it, I wanted to commit suicide, his grammar was terrible, he didn't check any sources, Alex He couldn't stick with one subject Jess Turns back to audience And about two hours later he would end the conversation with something like Alex And that's why America should become communist Jess The best one by far though, well maybe not the best but my favorite anyway, was when we were watching Star Wars once. Alex Jess, we've been friends for a long time, Jess Yeah ... What do you mean? Alex It's just like, Jared and Matt they're good kids. I like them a lot and you know I do. But I can't talk to them you know? They're kinda replaceable. I could stop hangin' around with them any day and it wouldn't matter. But not you. Puts arm around Jess, picks up remote and changes channels. Jess I feel exactly the same way To audience

That was the only time we ever talked about how much we meant to each other. But sometimes once is all you need. Lights out on Jess Scene 7.5 Alex Nooo. Jess I love you but you can't tell them that! They're gonna be pissed off at me now. Damn. Just being honest here, those guys did need me a lot more than I needed them. But I never wanted them to know that. They were fun, so I kept them around. Isn't that what friends are for? To hang around with and enjoy yourself? Guys, she didn't mean that. She took what I said out of context don't even worry about it. We had fun that's what matters. Guys, Guys listen! To Jared and Matt Yells Jared! Matt! Gives up Screw it.

Scene 8 Kate Okay look. I know I didn't treat him very well when I was with him. I know that I ditched him, and lied to him, and I know that that wasn't right. But I didn't know what else to do okay? He never did anything to me. And it wasn't like I didn't like him anymore. I just needed space, I'd been with him for so long and I wanted to be my own person for once. Is that so wrong? He was nothing but sweet to me. He did everything I ever asked him to. He was amazing and that's why, even when I was off on my own I never left him. I know that that's selfish. I should have let him go and be his own person too, or I should have just taken him along for the ride with me. He's dead now because I didn't. I know that you all hate me and that you all think I'm a huge bitch, and I don't blame you! I hate me too. This might be hard for some of you to believe Looks at Jessica But I know that today isn't about me. It's about Alex. The 'whole reason that I set up this memorial today was to ask him for forgiveness. He might not be able to hear me, and if he could he probably wouldn't want to listen. But I know that all of you are. Please forgive me, for him. Can't you see how I feel? Can't you see that I'm being sincere? I loved him more than anything. I still love him more than anything, and I just wish he was here to hear me say it. I was going to tell him that night too. I really was. I was going to tell him how sorry I was for everything, and ask him if we could start over. But you know ... Life got in the way. Or death I guess. And I regret that more than anything. Returns to seat Mourners bow their heads for a moment of silence. Alex takes the podium.

Scene 9 Alex I think that asking for forgiveness is the hardest thing to do. You have to admit that you're wrong, and then wait for an answer. And I respect Kate for being able to do that. I guess I kind of have to forgive her. She did do this whole thing for me. It just sucks that she'll never know. It also sucks how much I'm gonna miss these guys. They're gonna grow up, have families and all that. And I'll never be a part of that stuff, but I guess part of me never wanted that anyway. I always had it in my head that I'd be young forever. Nothing I did mattered because I was still young. I was immortal. I thought that I'd grow up to like twenty-five, have an apartment and a job, but I never thought farther than that. I knew I didn't wanna get old though. I always saw old people walking down the street, needing help just to cross it and that depressed me so much. I always said that I hoped I never became one of them. And I guess now I won't. Everyone wants to be remembered in their prime. And if youth is our prime, then maybe I will.

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