Out of order or If anybody reads this(a page from my first work for your judgments))

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I am ex airline crew, lived most of my adult life in foreign country all by myself. This is a beginning of the story from my life, which turn it to completely different direction. First time i try to express myself in writing and really wonder if it has a potential to continue. Please have a mercy and give me your honest feedback. Thank you all

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011




Another night out  - one more fake sick report…

Its getting embarrassing to look into the eyes of that doctor – he is tearing himself apart fighting with desire to help out pretty girl and save his crispy white coat clean.  I am still human, still ashamed having a long inner talk and convincing my consciousness “What’s the heck its not your fault, you are not bad – they all are guilty – your silly boyfriend buying extra beers so you will kill that women inside who don’t want him anymore… This country, treating you like food item consuming in and out.. Your stupid job with its salary wasted on searching for happiness in malls, bars and duty-free… Your parents is an evil source – that’s for sure – because of them you barely are sitting here, pale, hammering headache, trying not to breath in this poor guy face to leave him remaining dignity…. Oooo, what do you want, leave me alone, please…

  • I called your rostering, sweetheart . He added whispering “please don’t shout on me on public… “
  • Yes, so what did they give me? Good we are hear yet than..  If its an again early morning flight – we ll make this paper valid for it 48 hours- I answered ignoring second part of his speech – I wont lie to make him feel better, I will not waste a single calorie to do so…

I dialed the number by myself, somehow I had to hear or see facts on my own before I consider them existing.  There was no sense of danger, no sense at all, just regular another bad day in Jordan….




Single entry visa in Amman, Jordan – 20 JDs

Taxi from Airport to city – 15 JDs (paid 20 due to missing change and no markets in the area)

Sim-card  Zain – 15 JDS

Cheap but ok hotel room – 35 JDs per night

Late evening snack basket from a local store – 4,5 JDs

Pack of Winston light – 1.4 JDs


95.5 JDs -total spend

40 JDs- balance left




“Welcome to automatic voice responds system for Royal Jordanian.

Please enter your ID number followed by hash. Hello, Mary.

Please enter your password followed by hash.

For roster requirements press “2”. You have roster changes.

13 of August. You have been assign on flight 1-9-4, pick up time 16 hundred and arriving to Colombo at 5 hundred local time”


OMG! From hell to heaven! Quickly, girl, change your facial expression – don’t let them see you happy, don’t risk this at all cost!!! In a blink of the eye I was already there  …laying under shattered sunrays, hiding chilled drink in the shadow, earphones and magazine… Plate of seafood salad, avocado, mango and banana-milk-shake. Fresh manicure, new dress, another book and one more book. Four days in Hilton with everything is about for free ..

Failed, he caught you – the dream is gone.


“Hmm, so do they always grant 4 days layover after sick day so person can recover? Enjoy it, dear, you definitely deserved it…”

“You know its very random assignment, honey. I don’t really want to go if you wonder, but this is a good paid trip. Besides I will stay in the swimming pool bored alone all the time” – good, I saved it…

  • Please take me home, I am still legal for extra drink

Ali took 20 this time, in general he is an honest person, it was a final try to stop me coming to his office. And I felt released – it’s better to pay for my “crime” now directly than waiting for karma to track you down later on. 

My flight bag this time consist nothing but swimming-tanning- showering items. Cigarette after cigarette, waiting for the bus to beep outside, I already went 3 times upstairs – mixed up neighbor’s car for my transportation. I love this flat, but its fault is being in the basement – no sun can reach it, a lot of cats and cant see the world from windows. Finally here!!!

“Hi, guys, salaam aleikum” – I try to duplicate my words in Arabic , either to make it understandable, either to worn others that I am armed, either to show off or out of habit already.

-Where to? Where from? Who is with you? What do you have tomorrow? – This is an ordinary daily chat in Crew-center. 

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