A Dream

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This is a dream I had one night.

Submitted: May 18, 2014

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Submitted: May 18, 2014



My five year old Rachel and I are walking around this big city at night. I drag out my cell phone from my hooded jacket and use speed dial to phone an old friend, ” Kev”
“ Hello!”
It was Kev', but there was some fear in his voice
“ Hey, Kev, it's me, Katie, hi!”
“ Oh, Katie.. hi... What's up?”
“ Well, I am in town and need a place to crash for the night..”
“ I'm not in town right now, Katie... I am um... visiting friends....” He seem nervous, but I was too tired to get into all his problems.
“ Oh... I see... well, Rachel and I are exhausted and sure need a place for the night...”
“ Well, Um.. I guess you two could spend one night in my apartment... one night, right?”
“ Oh yes, oh thank you, Kev” I felt the stress leave my body for the first time in weeks.
“ You know where I keep the extra key, right?
“ Yep, I remember... And thanks again.. really, you're the best!”
“ Not a problem, Katie... Stay safe”
“ You too”
Rachel and I entered the dark stairwell that we followed up to the third floor and into a dimly lit hallway. The building was old and the carpets smelled of cigarettes and cat urine. We made our way to the studio apartment and giving Rachel a boost up, she was able to feel for the key up on a ledge over the doorway.
Looking around inside, there was a few sticks of furniture an older 1950's fridge with some mold and what looked like eggs in a jar.
We went straight for the bed that was tucked away in the corner of the room... A full sized bed that had dingy white sheets and a tan bedspread. We laid on the bed horizontally... We were just so tired. We wrapped the sheet and blanket about up, Rachel curled up in front of me, we fell asleep.
Not sure how long we had been asleep, when we heard the studio apartment door open and heard the voices of three men.
I was trying to assimilate what I was hearing. One man was on control over and telling one man that he had fucked up royally. The man who was obviously with the man in control was standing by the door keeping watch.
There were a lot of things said, but my mind racing, trying to find a way to become invisible at this point. I touched Rachel face and found that her eyes were open but she lay quietly.
Next thing we heard, was a gun shot. We were startled and jerked. I tried to calm my heart and laid a finger to Rachel's face, letting her know she needed to be very quiet, very still... I had to figure out what to do... We were trapped . The man in control sat on the end of the bed for a minute, then laid back. He was so close to touching my back. If he had stretched out his arms, he would have felt me there.
“ I smell a woman in here... Why do I smell a woman?”  He said out loud to no one in particular.
The man standing by the door, whispered “ Man, it's time to go... Let's get out of here”
The man on the bed sat up slowly then got up and both walked out of the apartment and shut the door, leaving a man dead in an old green over stuffed chair. We no longer heard gurgling sounds coming from this throat.
Visibly shaking, Rachel and I stood by the door, listening before we opened the door. It was eerily quiet .
 I wasn't sure if I would be able to walk. My legs were shaky and weak. I picked Rachel up in my arms and carefully walked out into the hallway.. We walked down the first flight of stairs ever so slowly,  listening for any sounds. BY the second landing, I was sweating and felt sick to my stomach. I held Rachel's head to my chest, letting her know everything was going to be OK. We were very quiet, as if our lives depended upon it...
We were now on the ground floor and the light was dim and I thought I saw a shadow... I stood there waiting..... Nothing, so I proceeded towards the door. I glanced around and saw a man with long burnt orange hair and eyes that seem to glow in the dim light.
“ Hey you there!” He yelled.
My heart skipped a few beats... It was him... The man in the apartment.....
I broke out into a sweat and ran to the door and pulled the now very heavy door, open.
The night air was cold as I ran with Rachel in my arms down the sidewalk , looking for a place to hide.
I put Rachel down after a block, thinking maybe we had lost them. I was out of breath and needed to rest. I looked in a few cars parked along the road and found one with keys in the ignition, I grabbed Rachel and buckled her in, in the back seat. My arms were so sore from carrying her. I got in, turned the key and that's when I saw the two men... I took off as they were about to open the car door.
I drove and drove. The clock in the car said it was 2 am. I panicked every time I car headlights behind me. I was no longer tired, my body was filled with adrenaline . I knew what I had to do.
I found a Monastery and quickly turned off my headlights. Rachel was asleep. I was so glad she was able to sleep after all that had happen. I carried her to the door and rang the bell.
It was now 2:30 am. I knew I might be waiting at the door for quite some time. I rang the bell again and within ten minutes, ten precious minutes, a man dressed in a dark brown robe opened the door.
“ I need your help... Please! Some men are chasing us because we witnessed a crime. I need a place for Rachel to stay, if only for a day or two, pleaeese!” I said before he could even say anything to me.
“ Come child” His voice was calm and reassuring. He looked to be around 65 years of age. He had a small but very kind smile on his face and I felt safe within the sanctuary of the church. He held an old lantern in his hand, and I followed him to a room down a long corridor and into a small room with a twin size bed . The room was void of any other furniture. The room had an Old people's smell to it, but it was better than cat urine.
I tucked Rachel in bed and kissed her forehead and promised I would return. Rachel looked over at me and said “ Mommy, don't be too long Okay?”
“ I promise, baby, I promise.. I will be right back. I just want to make sure you are safe.”
The elderly man gave me some bread and some water and I was on my way...
I drove back to the main road and drove slowly this time, making sure the two men could find me...
I drove ten miles down the road, not seeing another car on the road. Then suddenly, in my rear view mirror, I see headlights on high beam... I knew it had to be them... I drove a bit faster to see if they would try and keep up, sure enough, they were up for a game of cat and mouse.
The man in control was in the passenger seat I could see him clearly from the bright moonlight.
His face was twisted with anger and I knew he would not give up until one of us was dead..
They drove up next to the car I was in keeping the speed.... I was keeping..... I could see a curve in the road up ahead and bumped their car over. The man in control fell back into the car. He had a rifle hanging out the window and was ready to shoot before I bumped their car off the road.
There they were again... It didn't take them long to catch up with me... Shots were fired but I accelerated then slowed down, trying to dodge the bullets.
I saw an opportunity at the next turn... A cliff on the left hand side of the road... This would be my only chance to take these two guys out forever.
Shots were fired, my car jumped the lane and crashed into their car, sending them off the cliff.
Blood was everywhere... An explosion. I knew the two men had gone to hell.
I saw the doors to the monastery open... I walked inside.. So many bodies lay on the ground in pools of blood. I looked everywhere for Rachel but could not find her... Tripping over the bodies, I was frantic to find Rachel... “ RACHEL..... RACHEL, Please answer me, RACHEL.....”
I felt a hand in my hand. I looked down,, and there was my Rachel smiling up at me. “ You came back for me”
“ Yes honey, I told you I would “ Smiling back at her, we disappeared from the face of the Earth.

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