The Dance to remember

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

A dance with a stranger at the age of 21.

The Dance to remember
I was 21 years old when my girlfriends and I decided to attend an air force dance.
It was a long drive, but well worth it according to others who had gone before.
As we entered the double doors, I could see many hopefuls. Both men and women were looking for the'ONE'.
My friends and I sat at a table and ordered a few drinks. In less than an hour, our drinks were free.
As I stared at the crowd of people on the dance floor, I wondered when I would actually have the chance to dance.
A handsome man walked over to our table, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I would like to dance. With a big smile on my face, I accepted right away.
The song had a fast beat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a wee bit tipsy was happy to burn off some alcohol.
When the song ended, I thanked him for the dance and headed back to the table. He caught my hand and pulled me back. The next tune was slow and relaxing. We introduced ourselves and talked some.
He told me his name was Eric and that he was a security force specialist.. Well, I certainly felt safe in his arms.
When Eric pulled me close, I noticed how wonderful he smelled. His body was so warm and inviting.
He held me so tight, I could feel his manhood.
At first, I was taken back, but soon felt a warmth that spread throughout my entire being. My breathing increased and I felt a bit dizzy. I didn't want him to sense the changes going on in my body so I tried to control my breathing.
His tongue caressed my lower lip then slowly , entering my mouth in long erotic strokes.
His hands were so strong and he closed gently around my shoulder and waist. I could feel him shaking, ever so slightly.
My body felt flushed with desire. My nipples were standing at attention, hoping to be touched,even if by accident with every move and every twist..
I felt a wetness I had never felt before and could hear my heart beating uncontrollably.
 I was a little embarrassed, yet wanted everything that was happening, even more that I cared to admit.
I felt weak in the knees and almost lost my balance, Eric held me up which his gentle but strong arms.
He looked into my eyes and called out my name.
As he cupped my breast, I felt an explosion of wetness. I gasped and leaned into his body.
I felt as if we had been transported to another realm of existence, just the two of us all alone in the universe.
We danced ourselves over to a darkened corner. Body shaking with anticipation, slowly moved my hand down his waist until I found what I was looking for. I pressed hard with every dance move, I felt such a need to be filled up inside. Eric moved his hand between my legs. I was surprised that my legs had a mine of their own. I began spreading my legs further apart. He gently pinched my nipple with one hand as he rubbed between my thighs with the other. He softly whispered in my ear, “ Katie... Katie... cum for me...Katieee....”
I didn't have a choice... With my face against his chest, I cried out in pleasure. My body twisted and convulsed in his strong arms. He lifted my face and gave me a soul kiss as the last convulsions of the orgasm rippled through my body.
I heard his moans and felt his manhood throbbing as he held me tighter than before... as his body absorbed the waves of pleasure.
The room came back into focus as we held each other close.
He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was. With one last kiss, we walked hand in hand over to my table. He whispered in my ear” I will be back later “
I had no idea I would see him again, and after one stuff drink, I really wanted to dance. There a full supply of men, in fact there were four men to every woman.
When a gentleman asked me to dance, I accepted. We danced to a few fast tunes, then as slow tune began to play, Eric was back. He tapped the gentleman on the shoulder and asked if he could cut in.
I wrapped myself around Eric's body as he took me deep into his arms. We slowed danced for the rest of the evening.
I remember looking into his eyes and feeling so many emotions. I felt such a connection with this... stranger. I had tears streaking my cheeks and tried to look away, so afraid of what he might think or do, but he was kind and wiped the tears from my eyes and tasted my pain. He drew me close where I wanted to stay forever. I felt so safe and even, loved.
When it was time to leave, we didn't exchange numbers, we just kissed one last kiss and said our goodbyes.
Though it was a magical evening, I never went back.   It was the dance to remember.

Submitted: May 22, 2014

© Copyright 2020 KT Kates. All rights reserved.

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