Reunited: A Family's Story

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Colton was just four years old when his pregnant mother crashed. Little did he know, his little sister, Eliot, had survived and was in a coma for ten years of her life. Follow Colton and Eliot on their journey through their lives until meeting each other.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



Colton was about the age of 4, it was the Fourth of July and his mom, Brooklynne was playing guitar at the party. She was about 9 months pregnant and was due any day now. Suddenly, she picked up Colton and ran to the car. It was a rainy day and it was beginning to get dark. “The baby, the baby!” she yelled. Colton didn’t really understand what she was saying, but knew she had been afraid. Brooklynne picked up the speed on the old car, and all of a sudden it turned pitch black.

Little Colton was always a strange boy, but after a tragic accident when he was just 4 years old, he ends up in an orphanage after the death of his mother. Little did he know, he had a sister, Eliot, who had survived. Colton suffered from amnesia from the accident. Growing up, Colton didn’t really talk to people. He did talk to his best friend, Makenna, though. She was pretty, funny, and she always knew what to say to make him happy. She always dressed like Colton, too. He liked that about her. He told her everything, and vice versa.

Colton was accepted into a family, consisting of a wife, Patty, and her husband, Sebastian. They were as sweet as could be to Colton, and he appreciated that. They were well aware of Colton’s past, but didn’t mind it at all. He didn’t really speak to either of them much. Sebastian was an author, so he kept to himself as well. Patty loved to talk, especially to children. She was so family oriented, as well as an amazing cook. She cooked a five course meal practically every night. Colton didn’t mind that so much.

Colton’s new home was decent size. It was the average, single family home. Three bedroom, two and a half bath, with contemporary style that went along with the neighborhood. Colton liked his new neighborhood. It was a quaint town with the name of Ringwood. He now lived in New Jersey, originating from the city of New York.

At the age of 12, Colton’s only real friend had moved away. Makenna’s mother had received a job transfer to California, all the way across the country. Colton cried for days, and stayed in his room most of the time. Colton had begun to grow feelings for Makenna, but never told her about it. He is regretting it right about now.

About a year or two after the move, Colton began having weird dreams. They almost freaked him out at first. They consist of this little boy who was running around outside. There were patriotic colors about, so he figured it was the Fourth of July. He started to notice this woman with a guitar in his dreams. She was beautiful, with long, brown hair, and deep blue eye. She also carried a large, acoustic guitar. Before he could dream anymore, his alarm clock woke Colton up. “Whoa, that was… creepy,” he said, shocked. It was time for school.

Colton got up from bed, and did his normal morning routine. Patty drove him to school, and told him to have a wonderful day. He replied, “You too,” and walked into the school doors. He was a sophomore at Lakeland Regional High School. Colton had an English essay to begin in class, however, he distracted himself and began doodling. He began drawing the woman from his dreams. He teacher came over and yelled for him to stop, and to write his essay.

Colton was a straight C student, and only because he didn’t care much for academics. Sports weren’t his thing either. He was more of the quiet guy, who loved to draw. Drawing was Colton’s passion. His essays, notebooks, and homework had doodles all over them.??


At the Orphanage for the Ill infirmary, Eliot had awoken from her coma about a day ago. She was in the coma for about 10 years now. She was at the age of 11 and had never spoken a word in her life. Her nighttime nurse was Nurse Heather. She was trying to be as nice and soothing as she could for Eliot.

Nurse Heather had a special tutor come in over the years and teach Eliot everything she needed to know. If she understood or not, was the problem. However, from the past day, she seems to know what she’s been taught. The only obstacle now, was speaking. In a coma, you can’t talk, so Eliot doesn’t understand how to pronounce some words.

It’s been about two months since Eliot’s been awake, and she’s been livelier than ever. Nurse Jackie, Eliot’s daytime nurse, says she can be released in about a month and is only staying for extra observation. She would be sharing a room with other orphans her age, until she was adopted. She had wondered if she had a mother, she remembered someone speaking to her a few years back about one. She figured she would ask Nurse Heather later on that night.

Nurse Heather walked in for the dinner order, and that’s when Eliot popped the question. “Do you have any idea if my mother is still alive?” Nurse Heather just stopped and stared at Eliot with a look of astonishment.

“Well dear,” she began, “your mother didn’t make it through the accident.” A look of disbelief came upon Eliot’s face. “Your brother is still alive, however.” Eliot continued to stare. “I’m not sure where he is at the moment, but I’m sure I can look for you if you’d like.” Eliot began to curl up into a ball on her infirmary bed. “Let’s give you a good night’s rest, that’s too much information at once.”

After being released, Eliot began having these weird dreams. She would dream about this boy, who seemed about three years or so older. He had medium length blonde hair. Blue eyes, as well. She wasn’t positive on who he was, or why she was dreaming about him. He wasn’t that bad looking, and he seemed to love to draw. Guitar, as well.


Colton came home from school with his drawings and a note from the teacher.

“Mrs. Connors,

Could you please help Colton write his essay? He seems to enjoy doodling on his paper rather than write it. Thanks.

- Miss Nichols”

Patty knew Colton didn’t like writing essays, or school for that matter. But this was outrageous. He had always done his work, maybe not his best, but he always managed to do it. Patty then took a look at his drawings. They were of this woman, who looked strangely familiar.

She brought the pictures downstairs to Sebastian, her husband. Sebastian never really paid attention to the kids much, but when Patty showed him the woman Colton had drawn, his jaw dropped. “Who is that woman, an- and where do I know her from?”

“I brought them down here to see if you could tell me. She looks vaguely familiar, however, I can’t figure out who she might be.” Patty looked over at Sebastian, who looked just as confused as she.

The next morning, Patty walked in and told him Good Morning. Then, Colton asked for pen and paper. She got up off the bed and handed it to him. He immediately started to draw a girl. She had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She looked about the age of 12 or 13. Why was he drawing this girl? Who was she?

Patty looked confused, she didn’t know who this girl was either. However, she had some good news for Colton. They were adopting another little boy today. His name was Logan, and he was about the age of 8. Colton was told that Logan loved to play and was very social, just the opposite of Colton.


About a year passed after having these dreams, and Eliot was informed that she had been adopted. A nice family of four had picked her to join their family. The Connors family. Patty was on her way to pick her up as Eliot is learning about this. She doesn’t know whether to be excited, or scared. She hadn’t been adopted before. She hadn’t even been outside of the orphanage before. There was only about a week until school began again, and Eliot didn’t know what to expect. According to Patty, she was to start High School this year.

While driving home, Patty began telling Eliot about the family. She started with herself, a loving mother and gourmet cook. Then she told Eliot about the rest of the family. “Sebastian is an author, so he doesn’t say much. Logan is in the third grade and loves to play. Then there’s Colton.” As soon as Patty said his name, Eliot froze. She wasn’t sure why, though. Patty noticed, and asked if Eliot was all right. Eliot said she was just nervous though.

Patty then continued, “Colton was also in an accident as a young child.” Eliot was listening as if her life depended on it. “He is a very strange child. Loves drawing, not so much school, guitar too.” As she was finishing her sentence, they pulled up and Patty honked the horn.

Well, this is it. My new life, my first life. I’ve been dreaming in a coma for 10 years, then in the orphanage for the past 3. This is my new way of living, and I’m loving it already, she thought to herself. As she opened the door, the first thing she saw were these big blue eyes looking straight into hers. It was as if this were her self in another body.


Colton was in his room, drawing the brown-haired girl, when his mother went out and adopted another child.

The guys gathered around in the living room, while Patty was out getting her. Sebastian says she was in a tragic accident when her mother was pregnant with her. She was in a coma for most of her life, then lived in an orphanage. Logan seemed to be daydreaming, as he was drooling. But Colton seemed very interested. He felt as if he knew her already, from another life. Sebastian went on telling the boys to be nice, and to share. Also, that until further notice, Colton and Eliot were to share a bedroom. As, the house was pretty small.

The car honked, and in walked in Eliot. Their eyes locked immediately. Colton had never seen such a girl. Pretty, yes, but there was something else. Like he’s known her all his life. Wow, he’d never felt like this before. He wasn’t sure how he’d felt either.


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