The Way Of The Worlds

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An ancient rivalry between two worlds.

Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013




The Way of the Worlds

It was an ancient time ago when the two worlds formed to make one, when the guiders of Artemis travelled on a never-ending voyage to meet with those who inhabited the land of Dagon.

Underneath past rivalry and over-head their early disagreements, both lands where able to come together to build an ultimate alliance.

Ruins where now valleys of a bliss green, no threat had come and it was thought that such a thing could never happen.

Darius’s ability was like no other, when a full moon set upon a night sky – he was able to control the ways of water. Not with his fingertips, but with mental ability. Darius was the founder of Artemis, the eldest to live upon the colony.

Then there was Iris, so beautiful in her simplicity. She had graced the leaders of Dagon with her ability to shoot deadly flames from head to toe. Darius was the assassin of her long-gone father, something he had admitted during a war between both worlds.

She hadn’t forgotten, nor had she forgave.

It was his turn to feel her pain.

He was confronted on the day of a full moon, whilst resting in his tower his eyes caught sight of the girl who was a walking inferno. She wasn’t in pain or danger of death, she was performing a power she was clearly exceptional at, something she was born with.

That’s when the war broke out, once again both worlds where no more, there was conflict and struggle; ability’s seen like never before.

It was self-conflicted, something they were unable to see.

These worlds where no longer worthy of living on Artemis land ran a thick layer of dust and nothing but the sound of crumbling towers.

Dagon was stilled with darkness; no sound could ever be heard.

It was the way of the worlds...the way things would always be.

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