Through The In-Between

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A Person is visited by a lost friend...

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012




Through the In-between

Kevin Thomas

It’s something I can’t explain.

Like an equation missing an answer, or like the world’s yearly rotation.

It was merely a visit, a ‘catch up’ how it goes.

The night I was visited thousands of stars dotted the pleasant sky with such enigmatic meaning, the moon was polished brightly lit yet through the rims of my glasses only a slight proportion could be seen. I felt like life meant something, like this week I would receive something special. This something special would not be a fresh wrapped present or a bursting bouquet of flowers.

This gift would be the return of my missing friend.

I lay back in bed, my mind everywhere. Small pieces of distant memories coating my thoughts.

And then she appeared.

Eye’s like a chest-nut, masses of golden curls drifting with the mid-winter breeze.

“Hello.” She whispered gently, taking my hand; continuing her strong glare, she was always hard-wearing, such an elegant creature in her simplicity.

“Am I dreaming? Replied, frozen.

“You could say that.”

“How did you get here?” I asked, my hand’s trembling and my eye’s more open than ever.

“I came through the in-between.”

“What’s the in-between?”

“A place where time is still, where flowers grow from the sky and streams are everlasting, a place for lost souls, beautiful yet tragic at the same time.”

She begins to fade, turning paler and paler each time I scream.

“What’s happening, where are you going?”

Some time’s my only reply would be silence, but then something out of the ordinary.

“Save me, release the truth and never let go….”




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