And I don't know why, but with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress... (Vampire's 'Oh You Know You Want To Join' Challenge)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Cassileigh has a crush on her best friend, but what happens when she decides she has to tell him?

This is for Vampire's 'Oh You Know You Want To Join' Challenge, and I had to use the song Fearless by Taylor Swift.


Submitted: August 11, 2009

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Submitted: August 11, 2009



“Case? Are you there? Cassileigh?” Jake asked. Great, I was daydreaming about him, again! I was watching the street, its beauty after raining, that glow that the pavement has just after the rain. And somehow, it reminded me of him, of how he was so perfect. We were best friends since he moved here, about 3 years ago. But, as you might have noticed, I have developed feelings for him.

I want to be more than friends.

“Sorry, I just zoned out for a moment. What were you saying?” I asked.

I was saying that we should get going, it's 10 already and your parent have been calling non-stop for the past 10 minutes.” Great, now my parents were worried, I had to call them, and tell them that we were fine, and just had stopped at a diner to avoid aquaplaning.

“Lets go,” I said. While we were walking, the song You and me by Lifehouse started sounding, it was my phone.

Me* Hello?

Mom* Cassileigh Ann Palmer, WHERE ARE YOU?

Me* Mom, its no big deal, Jake and I stopped at a diner when the storm started to avoid aquaplaning, and when I called you, you didn't answer.

Mom* Case, you are more than 3 hours late to see your brother!

Crap! I forgot that Ed, my older brother was coming home. Today.

Me* Sorry mom, I'll be right there. Bye.

“What happened?” Jake asked.

“I must go home as soon as possible, Ed is here!” I answered halfheartedly. I wanted to see my brother, but I also wanted to stay here, just dance in the middle of the parking lot with Jake.

We got to the car and left the diner. While he was driving me home, I couldn't help but wonder did he know, about my feelings for him? And more importantly, if he did, did he feel the same way? When I looked at him, he ran his hand through his hair and I couldn't help but think of how much I wanted him to be more.

And that thought lead to a daydream. In this daydream, I was using my best dress, my favorite long blue dress, and he was wearing a tux and for some reason, we decided to dance outside, in the middle of the storm. I knew that this would happen with him, only him, but I had no idea why. Why I couldn't let anyone in. but it couldn't get better than that, sadly.

And it was just a daydream.

Then, I noticed that he was slowing down. When I looked outside the window, I saw my house. “Ok, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Jake?” I said,but really wanted to stay there, in his passenger seat.

“Um, yeah,” he answered, and as soon as I opened the door, he said, “By the way, Case, you know that prom is next week, right?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied. And I was thinking 'please ask me, please ask me, and so on.

“Well, I thought that, as I just broke up with Brittany, and I guess that you have no date, do you?” Brittany, his now ex, was the bitchiest bitch ever! I was glad that they broke up.

“I don't.”

“Ok so, I was wondering if you'd like us to go together.”

“Yeah, sure.” Oh my god! If he wasn't here, and I wasn't in his car, I would probably be jumping like a lunatic. And then I looked at him, and our eyes locked, and we got closer and closer, and...

my phone started ringing.

Me* what?

Ed* sorry little sis, I thought you were coming to see me.

Me* Ed! Hi, I'm coming, talk to you later, love you.

Ed* Ok. Love you too little sis.

I hung up, and said “well, Jake I need to go... So, see you tomorrow?”

Sure, tell Ed I said hi,” he said. “Bye.”

“Bye,” I said and hugged him. Then, I entered the house, only to get an interrogation from my parents. After getting out of that, I went up to Ed's room, and almost ran to him. “ED!” I yelled.

“Little sis!” he replied, as we hugged. “I've missed you so much!”

“Me too. How has college treated you?”

“Well, what can I say, its really cool and the chicks are awesome. How's Jake, and How are you handling your... crush for him?” Ed knew everything about me, he was the greatest. I mean, he even knew things about me that not even my parents knew. For example, my crush for Jake.

“Jake is great, I was just with him, he says hi. And the crush thing... My daydreaming is my way to avoid telling him, and even though its working, I just seem to live in my daydream world, I zone out more often. And by the way, thanks, I think we were about to kiss when you called. Oh, and we are going to prom together.”

“But he doesn't know yet,” he stated and I looked down. He knew me so well. “You must tell him! I'm sure that he feels the same way!”

“But... What if he doesn't? What if our friendship becomes awkward because of me telling him?”

“Case, snap out of it! You just told me that you guys were just about to kiss! And what if you don't tell him? What if because of this he finds someone else? Then, you will be wondering what it would've been. And it'll break you. You must tell him!” he said.

“I will. But in the right time.” And I knew exactly when to tell him.

“And when, precisely will that be?”

“Don't worry, it'll be before your nest visit. And you will be the first to know when it happens and what is his reaction,” I promised and went to sleep, only to have the dancing in the storm dream, again.

*Prom day.*

“Wow, you look gorgeous, Case!” Bridget, my best friend said. I was wearing a long, royal blue dress. It was strapless, with pieces of silk falling from the waistline, and strappy heels. She was wearing a simple long red dress and red high heels. We both looked great in our dresses.

Now all we had to do was wait for our dates, Jake and Asher. We had all agreed to meet at my house at 6:30, and go to a beautiful Italian place for dinner, before heading to prom. When they got here, we were upstairs, making sure of the last details. We went down, and both guys had grins on their faces, and when I got to Jake, he put a beautiful white rose corsage on my wrist, whispered “you look beautiful” and we left to prom.

At prom, we had a lot of fun with other friends, and it started raining. I was talking to Bridg, when Jake came to me and asked me to dance with him. Of course, I accepted and he took my hand, but did not take me to the dance floor, he took me outside, but I didn't understand where we were going to, but when we got there, I gasped at what I saw. He took me to a rose garden near the school, which looked amazing right now. We were in the middle of it, and he took his cellphone, and put 'You and me' by Lifehouse, and got me closer to him. In this moment, I didn't care that we were in the middle of the rain, and probably soaking wet already. All I cared about was this moment, not forgetting it.

Even though I there was no chance that I ever would.

When the song ended, we kept dancing, not letting each other go. For the whole dance, we were both locked into each others eyes. And now our faces were getting closer, and closer, and...

my phone beeped.

People didn't want this kiss to happen. I grabbed my cellphone, and it was a text from Bridg. It said: where r u guys? We are leaving! If u r not here in 5 mins, we are leaving, sans you!

Jake, we have to go,” I said sadly. “Bridg texted me, and we have to be there in 5, if we want a ride.”

Lets go then,” ha said, and I could see that he wasn't very happy, either. We went to the limo and first took Bridg and Ash home. Then we went to our houses, which were in front of each other. He walked me to the door, and I was very nervous, as I knew I had to tell him now. But before I said anything, he got closer to me, and locked his eyes with mine. And we got closer and closer, and closer, and....

we kissed, at last. It was the perfect kiss.

That moment, I knew my brother was right.

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