We'll take control of the world like it's all we have to hold on to and we'll be a dream...

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Lucy and John were totally in love when they were younger, but lost contact over the years. What will happen when fate joins them together one day and they remember about everything?

This is for EliseMarieRenspera's contest, and I had to make something with the song ‘We'll be a Dream’ by Demi Lovato and We the Kings... Here's what I came up with. Enjoy!!

Submitted: June 29, 2010

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Submitted: June 29, 2010



I had to admit, I was so glad that it was finally Friday, I thought as I left the set. This week had been super busy, with the cover shoot of the next issue of Poise magazine, where I was the art director. We had some huge pop sensation for the cover, and she was a complete diva. I still couldn’t believe how hectic the job was, and suddenly remembered how I used to fantasize of this job with… John Lennon or that was what I called him. I also remembered that he called me Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The simple thought of that guy made me smile. I had been so crazy in love with him then, but how couldn’t I, if we’d bonded through an afternoon of listening to The Beatles (hence the nicknames), he had the most perfect, bright hazel eyes where I could lose myself in, he was hot but not conceited nor was he a cliché… I sighed, and wondered where he was, if he’d become… what did he want to be? Oh. The photographer he’d wished to be…

As I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, I did not notice that I had reached home, but as soon as I did, I took off my black peep toed high heels, and looked at the perfect order of my perfectly designed penthouse. I went directly to my room, where my king sized bed, that had the red-white-black theme I’d always dreamed that my house would have, and plopped onto it, smiling dreamily as my eyes started to close...

And then my cell phone rang.

I grabbed my Hermes bag and searched for my sidekick. When I finally found it, I answered the phone to my sometimes too bubbly best friend.

Me* this better be good, Abby

Abby* hello to you too

Me* sorry, I just got home from the set for the cover shoot and I’m kind of exhausted.

Abby* well, I’m afraid you’re coming to the opening of some photography exhibition at a small gallery today, and you’re coming with me.

Me* and why am I enduring less hours of sleep and rest to go to some photography exhibition?

Abby* because we both know that you love art exhibitions and besides, I need your amazing taste, and because I’ve heard this guy is really talented, and requested that The Beatles songs were played during the opening. Will you come? Pretty please?

Me* alright but you owe me big time.

Abby* thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll pick you up in an hour, and wear a hot cocktail dress.

As I hung up, I smiled at how little things had changed between us since art school. We’d met there, and while I decided afterwards to work on magazines, she decided to live a gallery life and become an interior designer.

I went to my huge walk in closet and looked for one of the newest dresses I’d bought in Bloomingdales and found a gorgeous tweed strapless dress that reached just above my knee and had a sweetheart neck. I matched it with black strappy high heeled sandals, a black wool overcoat and a silver clutch which had my sidekick, my keys my Louis Vuitton wallet and my make-up bag. I had my straight dark brown hair down, put a grey hair band on and put some eye-liner, red lip gloss, made a smoky eye and was ready to go whenever Abby appeared at my doorway.

The gallery we went to was on the lower west side and I’d been there a few times before. It was a beautiful small space where just about every kind of modern art had been exhibited; from abstract to landscapes to amazing black and white pictures. This was one of the places that I would’ve wanted my work to be at-if I’d have become a painter or photographer. Whoever the photographer that was being exhibited there was, was probably very talented and fresh, and he was also going to get loads of new great offers, fame in a way.

As we entered the gallery, I was astonished by how the lights were organized, the place was dimly lit, but the photographs were lit by flashlights. The place’s atmosphere was soothing, yet it had the Beatles music playing softly, and I noticed the song being played was one of my favorites, ‘While my guitar gently weeps’. I could that there weren’t a lot of people there, but their pleased expressions said one thing: this guy had talent. Abby had told me that we were looking for a photograph that would compliment a blue and white themed living room. She wanted something with color but not too much or too lively colors.

When I started watching the photos, I was stunned to say the least. The artist had a great sense of organizing a photo, he had amazing coloring in the color pictures, and he made landscapes look interesting, which not many people could do. I was more and more fascinated by what he did in every picture, I even chose a few for Abby to decide which she wanted for the room, and then I saw the most perfect picture. It was of a girl, totally in black and white and she looked like home. She looked relaxed and beautiful. It was a masterpiece. The girl didn’t look posy or knowing, but she looked perfect. She was looking sideways-maybe facing a window-and she was sitting on a window seat, with a huge yet old tree, and she was wearing a pair of jeans, boots that reached to her knee and were flat-heeled and a hoodie, but it flowed perfectly to her body. She had her eyes closed, and looked like an angel. I looked at the name of the photo and was paralyzed.

It was ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’. The artist’s name was John Davidson.

It was him, so the girl had to be...


“You like it?” I heard a deep, sexy voice whispering to my ear.

“Maybe... Am I allowed to know who's asking?” I asked, giving the hot guy behind me a flirtatious smile. He had spiked, dark brown hair, stood at about 6'2, with a lean body that could be seen through his black pants and simple white button down shirt, and his eyes were a deep hazel.

“What do you mean maybe? Do you mean that if I say I’m the artist you’ll say you love it and if I’m not you’ll trash it completely?” he replied, smiling back.

“Oh, so you’re the artist?” I asked smirking.

“It depends… Do you like the photo or not?”

“Touché,” I grinned. “But seriously, this picture is absolutely beautiful. It is my favorite from the bunch, and I liked most of them. So you’re the artist now?”

“Yes. I’m John. And you are…”

“I’m Lucy,” I said as we continued talking about the photo. “So… why did you call it Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?”

“It was the nickname I had for the girl who’s in the picture, actually. One of the most beautiful girls I ever met, even though she didn’t see that and wouldn’t let me take pictures of her.”

“So she’s out of the picture now?” I asked, even though I obviously knew the answer to that.

“I haven’t heard of her since the end of high school,” he said, and I saw a little sadness in his eyes.

If only he knew who he was actually talking to…

“Well, I’m sure she’d want to catch up with you sometime,” I stated, smiling.

“How can you be so sure of that?” the sadness in his eyes was gone, and had been replaced with… confusion and a glint of… hope?

“Because… You’re talking to the girl in the photo right now,” I said and bit my lip, like I used to do all the time during high school.

* * * * *

“Oh. My. Gosh. Do you remember how we used to cuddle up in my back yard and dream about our future?” I asked after we had spent a while catching up. We had gone to my place to speak and this had been so amazing… like old times.

“Yes,” he replied, reminiscing. After a while, he said, “you know, I guess that the only thing that we fantasized about back then that didn’t really come true was us staying together… getting married and all.”
“We were so in love then; just being together was enough to bring a smile to our faces, to make us laugh at anything. Why did we let that go?” I said, but I started feeling how my eyes slowly closed, even though I wanted to talk to him. I still couldn’t believe that we had conquered our dreams, that we had conquered anything and held onto all of our dreams come true like we did.

“I don’t know… I guess one thing led to another; that we drifted apart because we were pursuing our dreams, and they were so different. It was too…”

“Complicated” I interrupted him, knowingly.

“Exactly.” He said, and we stayed quiet for a moment. After a while, he asked “What do you miss the most about back then?”

“The sense of freedom you gave me. It seemed like whenever we were together, we could do anything, yet the smallest of things were what made us happier. I miss how we could just drive anywhere and be together, show our love anytime, anywhere. We were just so in love. What about you?”

“I guess I miss the same thing, but I also miss how we always felt safe when we were together, how anything could be alright, as long as we stayed together.”

“I can’t believe it’s been like ten, eleven years since then. It’s all so surreal…” I felt my eyes closing again, and he definitely noticed, as his eyes filled with concern.

“You should go to sleep now,” he scolded, “before you fall asleep, standing up or something.”

“Please stay with me,” I said, and didn’t let myself shut down before I was under his war grip and he promised never to leave me.

We'll take control of the world like it's all we have to hold on to, and we’ll be a dream... I thought before falling asleep in his arms.

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