A T!me To Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story that will touch your heart..!
Make you fall in love again and again.!
I believe somehow it will inspire you, motivate you.!

Table of Contents

A Time To Love

A story that will touch your heart..!
Make you fall in love again and again.! Read Chapter


APPRAISAL ::: All we have respective views about love. We all wish for someone whose love remain unconditional for us, where they&nbs... Read Chapter

Office Hours

Office Hours – The horn buzzed, with a jerk and the car stopped!! Please get down madam, Says cab driver looking in the rear view mirro... Read Chapter

A Request

A request – Later on a hectic day ago, there is always a fresh day for her, new hopes for her of never getting a failure. She wakes... Read Chapter

A Day To Begin

A day to begin - The rains are those that melt hearts a rude one's to a flabby one. The breeze, the sound producing falling raindrops on ... Read Chapter

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight – A morning with a halo of sunshine and rest, the two days of a week company offers leave on Saturdays and Sundays.... Read Chapter

The Hangover

The Hangover - \"ah! Head is reeling, it might be Tashu who did this, Should make coffee\", she mutters. During sipping cof... Read Chapter

shopping centre

Shopping centre – After spending four hours, on the same mall Tashu stopped, at the same shoe store where she had entered in t... Read Chapter


Conversation – Days passed on and the conversation between Swastik and Avni has become more potent. They have b... Read Chapter

Propose Day

Propose Day – Happy morning with the chirping of birds feels like they wish us. The brisk air and the first cup of coffee is quite ... Read Chapter

Back to him - 1

Back to him – The only thing she can do from here is to pray but after getting the message she had lost her control over her comple... Read Chapter

Back to him - 2

She reached Dehradun, directly went to the hospital where he had taken. She asked the receptionist where the ICU is. The receptionis... Read Chapter

Together forever

Together forever - It required almost a year to recover her from the deadly nightmare of her life. But she overcame the tough time of her... Read Chapter


THANKS FOR READING.... Please comment your views about it ! So that I will try to make it better.. GOOD DAY :) ... Read Chapter