Dearly Departed Soul

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One of my latest poems, this was written on New Years Day itself. Initially I would say that there was no reason behind it and that it was mainly a spark of inspiration, but in retrospect, I'd say that the inspiration reflected in part my frustration and dejection at missing out on New Year's Eve celebrations that my friends were having in Perth whilst I was in Malaysia. Of course nothing as extreme as death happened or anything, not to my knowledge anyway.

Submitted: January 31, 2009

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Submitted: January 31, 2009



He stands unmoving
In the centre of the room, but no one notices.
His eyes stare
At her, but she doesn’t seem to feel it.
His tears fall
Onto the floor, but no one seems to care.

He wants badly
To yell, cry or jump, but he knows it’s useless.
Because he knows
They don’t really care what he does.
Sad but true,
He is little more than a ghost in the room.

He turns around
And is just about to leave the room;
And then suddenly,
Someone comes in with really bad news.
A good friend
To most present in the room had departed.

The reactions stir:
Shock, grief, horror, or just plain disbelief;
Ethel just weeps,
Knowing how she really felt for him.
Too late though,
She will never know his answer.

He comes along,
Wanting to comfort her and tell her the truth.
But he stops,
Knowing some things will just never be.

He turns around
At the sound of his name from someone’s lips;
He is afraid,
But the feeling doesn’t last very long.
He approaches slowly
Toward the pale figure in black who called to him.
He can’t explain
Why or how he feels like he knew Her all along.

Taking Her hand,
They walk toward the white in the midst of the grey.
In the end,
He hears Her strange, soothing voice tell him:
Rest in peace,
For the things of this world will trouble you no more.

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