A Hundred Howling Moons: Ch.2 Sunshine

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A hundred howling moons is basically what i am feeling the moment i write it. I tell a story through my feelings.

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008



Mind empty
Consiousness full
Stomach making flips
Sunshine beating his face
Past catching up
Struggling to hold on
The light at the end is so far away
And the sunlight keeps beating on his empty face
The dream is gone
Thanks to who?
Who knows
Whoever sent him to the light and this place
Darkness consumed by the clearing light
The sounds of nothing catching up to his ears
He hides his face
Trying to hide his shame.
The things he did
Clearing by the sunlight’s rays
The scent of a promise lights up his mind
Instantly cleared away by the blinding sunshine
Summer is clear
But it could be fall or winter
The light is strong
Like the weight of his past
Hanging on his shoulders
His mind trying to sense it
But instantly cleared by the blinding sunshine.
His thoughts are the color of red
The taste of blood trickling down his throat.
But the light is bright
And the red is gone
The blood is evaporated by the bright white light.
Every second is filled with pain
Every minute with his memories unpaid
But every minute is turned to an hour of light
Every second a day of summer.

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