A Hundred Howling Moons: Prologue

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I really wanted to write a story. And i said why not make it into a poem. So this is the Prologue of the story. It is about a man haunted by his past traveling on the endless road seeking his own meaning and the people he finds in between.

Submitted: April 29, 2008

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Submitted: April 29, 2008



In the darkness of night

The moon overhead,

A fire burning

Licking at the dark.

A wolf’s howl is heard

And the wind joins in

Whistling and howling in harmony

The sleeping figure wakes up


He stares at the fire



A tear forms at the corner of his eye

And he joins the wolf and the wind

A primal howl

The fierceness of it

Echoing through his memories

Intense as the hunger

At the pit of his belly

And his tears drip down

Splashing the ground with moisture

His fury releasing to the darkness

The ashes of the blaze

Sticking to his face

His gaze wonders to the moon

The gloomy light reminds him

He howls again

The wind has been howling with him

His screams echo over the vast lands

The tears keep dripping

Alkir Saja

The name will never be forgotten

Alkir Saja will forever be at the back of his mind

Dripping disgust into him




He falls back

The fury

Has been blown by the wind


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