Everyday Streets

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Just a disturbing thought that hit me. Enjoy my random thoughts.

Submitted: July 28, 2008

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Submitted: July 28, 2008



Wilting, I wake up
I rub the sleep from my eyes and begin to stand up.
I’m trying but cant
Everyday the same thing so I turn on my lamp
Shoes are by the door,
Slip them on and think “what the hell am I here for?”
So I step forth, out to the sunlight
Take a whiff of fresh air and take a turn right
The acrid smoke of a cigarette invades my nostrils
Every time, everyday reminding me to get real.
A car pulls up by the stop sign
Bumping out a song I’ve heard about a thousand times
Everyday the same thing
Everyday the same routine
Walking down the same road
I never really know where it goes.
I see mothers, children, boys and girls.
It’s always a different selection
But never in the same direction.
I keep walking trying to clear the smoke
Clearing my mind, trying not to choke.
I’m tired of choosing
Tired of loosing.
I think its time that I get into the music.
Everyday getting rid of the same old song
Trying to take a new road but the way is too long.
Were walking alone, me and my shadow.
Nobody by us everyday getting madder.
Somebody is coming maybe they’ll stay.
Nobody does I always let the slip away.
I’ve got to learn how to stop time
Maybe then hold on to the moment and cough up some rhymes
Until then I guess I’ll just hold on to this time
Stick to the same crime
Writing the same lines.
Somebody is coming straight my way.
I’m into the music I'm not going to let them slip away.

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