anti-gun control

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my two-cents on gun control.

Submitted: January 12, 2016

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Submitted: January 12, 2016



Anti Gun Control

One of the most pressing matters right now in politics is gun control. The way that they are handling it and we as citizens are reacting to it is not the proper way to deal with it. We need to see the way that others countries have taken a shot (pun intended) at this problem in their own cultures. All of those who are neutral in the gun control debate should see the problem in taking away the weapons from the average day citizen in the United States of America, you should be able to see what this is going to cause and be able to say something before it is too late.The way it did not work in Australia, how Switzerland handled their problem, if they did take firearms away what would stop criminals from using other weapons?

To begin, if you are neutral in the gun control debate and believe that taking guns away is a one time fix for this problem, then you need to take the stance against taking away the nation's firearms. In Australia they have tried a similar tactic of getting rid of all guns, but the statistics speak for themselves. Suicides are the biggest gun death statistic in this country. When Australia implemented their gun control law the firearm suicides rates decreased, but the non-firearm suicide rate exponentially increased. The homicide rate did not have a long term effect on the rate but continued at the same rate. ( Wright, Mark Antonio. "Australia's 1996 Gun Confiscation Didn't Work) Suppose that a law did pass that allowed the government to confiscate our firearms, that doesn't mean that everybody that has a firearm will automatically go and turn them in. In Australia they confiscated around six hundred and fifty thousand to one million firearms, that number only counted for about a fifth to a third of all the firearms in their country. It is easy to say that this was an isolated case but what will prevent these statistic from becoming part of our lives. In review all that changed in Australia is the statistics took a dip but came back to the normal since it is not the guns that are killing people, it's the people using the guns to kill people. Therefore not seeing a quick one time fix to this complex problem is one of the reasons voters should vote against taking are weapons away.

Secondly, there are people that see violence caused by firearms, and they need to widen their view on what can cause pain and the scale of the violence. What is stopping people from using other weapons for injuring others with melee (handheld, like a sword or knife) weapons. If guns are banned in they, by some miracle do give the government their guns, what is stopping them from ramming people with their car, or stabbing others, or blunt objects for that matter, there is a reason that it hurts when you hit your thumb with a hammer while hammering a nail into the wall. 1.3 million people are killed in car crashes and related car injuries every year, ("Road Crash Statistics.") but what is stopping us from outlawing cars? Only 100,000 deaths are caused by guns in the US every year, but now there is an epidemic to outlaw firearms now while cars are regularly being improved for safety. (Djansezian, Kevork. "Just the Facts: Gun Violence in America.") Why don’t you invest in making guns safer instead of just outlawing them. Many people see a shooting on TV  and think, we should outlaw all guns.  Instead of outlawing certain parts of these firearms that are recurring in most of these shootings.

Thirdly, there are groups that see mass shootings and don’t look to deep at the fine details, such as attachments. They need to look at the recurring aspects of the shootings besides clumping it all into one statistic. In the shootings before and at Sandy Hook Elementary, a majority of all the weapons used were semi-automatic handguns with high capacity magazines. High capacity magazines are just fancy talk for a gun magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds, while the average 9mm semi-automatic handgun can hold between 13 to 17 rounds per clip. In the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting back in 2012, the shooter had 4 high capacity magazines, meaning he could have had anywhere between 52 and 68 rounds. (Follman, Mark. "More Than Half of Mass Shooters Used Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines.") We should not outlaw all the guns just because they use one primary type of gun. These weapons have high capacity magazines allowing them to hold more rounds than other firearms. If we outlaw high capacity rounds for the general public then that would reduce the amount of injuries and deaths if a shooting was to happen.

Finally, many people believe we are one of the only countries in the world that have problems with gun violence, were much to the contrary there are many countries that have or had the same problem. In Switzerland they had a single mass shooting in awhile (2001) and that spurred on their gun control rules. They have gone and made it illegal to have access to certain degrees of firearms. Such as fully automatic and selective firearms (selective firearms can switch between fully and semi automatic modes) which are banned along with concealed weapons. The law allows citizens or legal residents over the age of 18, who have obtained a permit from the government and who have no criminal record or history of mental illness, to buy up to three weapons from an authorized dealer; with the exception of automatic firearms and selective fire weapons, which are banned. Semiautomatics, which have caused havoc in the U.S. can be legally purchased. (Backmann, Helena. "The Swiss Difference: A Gun Culture That Works) This shows how they have gone over their options and have come up with a good middle ground on how to handle their guns with ages. In Switzerland they have had the same problems we are having and came up with a proper and well done law(s) to handle the firearms. Therefore Switzerland has had some of the same problems we have to do with firearms, but if we follow their lead we can also have a safer environment with firearms.

In conclusion, many people believe that getting rid of firearms is the one time solution to all of our gun problems, what we have been having are doing will do the exact opposite with crimes. In theory if they criminals do turn in their guns what will stop them from using melee weapons, just because projectiles are easier to use and kill with does not mean they are going to stop doing cimes. If it does come down to banning weapons only ban the additional parts or certain weapons for civilian life, many of these mass shootings have had high capacity magazines allowing for more possible fatalities. The Swiss people all have guns, it is just a ways of life for them like us; but there is only .5 of a homicide for every 100,00 inhabitants, whereas in the US that rate is 10 times larger. It may just be me but we seem to be handling gun control the wrong way, but with this information I hope that you see we are not the only nation that has had this problem and we should look and learn at what they did and follow the trail that they blazed.


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