A Hateful Poem

Status: Finished

A Hateful Poem

Status: Finished

A Hateful Poem A Hateful Poem

Poem by: kukaburry

Genre: True Confessions


Poem by: kukaburry


Genre: True Confessions



This is my apology to a dear friend.


This is my apology to a dear friend.


Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



How your words sting

Like knives upon my heart



Eating away

At my self-pity

Those silvery tears

Belong to the just

That innocent child dormant in my mind

For you they mean sorrow

For me they mean regret

How I wish you could see

That you mean that much to me

To shed tears

When none remain

Please forgive the hateful

Accept the doubt

Ignore the envy

Embrace the truth

For it lingers on a tangible string

To break it

Would be an awful pity

To rest is not an option

These verses are meant for you

Yet only mine eyes shall

Greedily seek them

Forlorn these valiant letters

Whose unity can be corruption

Of even the most tender minds

Have I conveyed it yet

Stories are told in the never-ending rhythm

Of lies

They cheat



All in honor of hope

Valiance is never clear

Truth is a golden globe of pain

Within reach of all

Yet too far to care

Who is the culprit of it all

That is I

It is all I

The anger belongs to me alone

Let it escape you

You are too pure

To be damaged by their laughs

Do not allow the lust to offend

Be proud of living

Be proud of glory

Be proud of beauty

They are your grandeur

Be safe

For now and always

It is at night that demons prowl

Among the fair

The powerful

The innocent

In the most unlikely of places

In the best of friends

In the loves of life


This is madness

How I long for the passion

To reveal all

To make no mistakes

To unveil kind words

Not breaths in vain

This is how

I say sorry

In a thousand words

I have spoken none

I have cleared nothing

I have shamed all

Night is a demon

Within my heart

The dreary hour

Is its playground

THIS is how I say sorry

Sorry again and again

Sorry for my love

Sorry for my hate

Sorry for my tears

The salt upon my lips

The evil in my heart

You are the saved

You are the pure

You make life


This is how I say sorry

Such a waste of words

A powerful gesture



Piercing through the tongue of wisdom

Today I say I’m sorry

Tomorrow I throw myself away

Into another night

Into another hazy dream

Where you are the cruel

And I am the kind

An illusion

A persistent throb

No amount of suffering

Can undo what is done

Sorry is not enough

Sorry cannot destroy


Today I say I love you

Your heart is gold

Your mind is truth

This is why I cry

This is why I die

Slowly inside

From discrediting others

For kicking spirits


You should know

That I am sorry.

© Copyright 2016 kukaburry. All rights reserved.

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