A two-headed tale

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We have forgotten our magical friends. Pick up a fairy tale and try to remember.

Submitted: May 27, 2010

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Submitted: May 27, 2010



Through the ages of beasts and men

We have left out a few enchanting friends

Spirits unfolded through mystical lyrics

Caught upon a tide of lies

Here you will revel in open dreams

Are you a believer or a seer?

The tickle of breath upon open flames

Into the mind of the beholder

Weaving through your thoughts

Like hope on a silver platter

My dragon feasts upon doughnuts and cake

Human flesh is not to his taste

Danger belongs to those who fear

This fantastic creature we hold so dear

Harmless as a unicorn

Who is so bold to boast this as farce?

Thriving on fields of laughter and nonsense

Drowning in rivers of anger and loathing

Breathing in addictive romance and passion

Ever present in children

Eroded through schooling

These innocent foals

Fall prey to science

Beaten from textbooks

from poetry

from time

Degraded to fairytales of nonsensical value

Supported only by ogres and elves

Ogres who chaperone the thoughtful

Who bear the hearts and souls of men

Yet we dare forbid their value?

It has been a truly terrible lie

That ogres eat elves, children and wives

Ogres fumble

Yes this may be true

They may also bumble

But without further ado

Through the fumbling and bumbling

They are kind to the bone

Stitching up tears and dabbing fond woes

What an elegant creature ogres can be

These pitchforks and torches

Need let them be

Follow the elves

If ever there was mischief

And foolery to gamble

Blame the shoemakers, the bakers

And Santa’s toymakers!

Steal a vision of the elves

Who cure happiness and breed mockery

They are neither feeble nor sinless

Only tricksters of the mind

Their only equal

Belongs to the mermaids

Beautiful, scathing, wretched monsters

Singing lullabies to a drenched farewell

Flirting with chastity

Dancing with disgrace

Flipping their tails to unwary quarry

These devious dames of unflattering spite

Are swell tales to chill children at night

If you wish to swoon them

Introduce them to centaurs

Who can counter the fright

With sweet melodies of wisdom

That flow from their pipes

Gusts of wind settle in your hair

Their music calming



I could continue with satyrs and fairies

Even Cyclops and giants and all sorts of creatures

But time dawdles ever forward

Lingering like a sore

I cannot fight for all

It would become a dull bore

Herein hope still lies

Would you like to greet these forgotten allies?

Open the door in which you were born

Look out with wonder

Instead of the usual scorn

You may be surprised

At what you encounter

But remember to smile

The mystery of passion

The danger of kindness

Whispering to you undiluted

Never fear

These fortunes are false

They merely hide from you

In a fairytale

Now if you'll excuse me

My fraudulent doubter

I must attend a luncheon

With the friendliest of dragons

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