My Dream Guy

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This is the dream that I had on the night of 8/24/2012.
This is My Dream Guy

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Do you have a dream guy or girl? I have, but I didn't know how he looked. Until now. I had this dream. It was very weird, but at the same cute. My dream guy.

I never had a dream like this. Well to be honest I had. Three other dreams. But I won't tell them now. They are going to be a later for now story. So I am just going to start the dream.

I am here just sitting in a class. Is a very ordinary class. Like in a high school class. Well there are ordinary kids in ordinary clothes. Now a days we use. I am like watching everyone. Then there is this guy. He is handsome. Real handsome. For me to say, Unique, I had never seen a guy so cute before in my life. Nor in television or in magazines.

He looked at me. Like wandering who was I. That what I felt. I felt like in another body. Like with a different face. At the same time I was...I. I felt the same. Same personality. Kind,loving, caring, loyal, nice, all my personality features. I knew I was me, not in another body, because I smiled. A sweet smile. I smiled, because the guy smiled at me.

He was so cute. I believed I was dreaming. Well, I was. It all felt so real. At the same, impossible.I never seen this guy in my life. So I couldn't just remember him from anywhere. So I knew he was unique.

He had brown eyes. Mostly everyone in the world has brown eyes. This ones were unique. They had a light. A light that when you see them. You could see into their soul. I felt the peace in his eyes. I felt protected. Like nothing could ever harm me. His nose, not pointy, nor round. It was perfect on his face. His smile, oh that smile. I just couldn't believe he was smiling at me. I felt like I was melting. That smile was like the perfect smile I ever seen. I just couldn't resist, but smile.

That is why I was smiling. He had such a smile that I couldn't resist than smile to him. We were flirting by smiles. I was so shy. I was covering my face with my right arm. He was in the right desk. He took glimpses of me. I of him and vice versa. I am so shy with guys. Well sometimes, because in other times I am like more bold sometimes. We just stood their flirting with each other.

I woke up.Oh I just love this dream.I already knew why I had this dream.

(Last night)

I was in my android tablet. My mom's cousin in my laptop. I have an application about tarot cards. I asked in that application about love. It said that in a not so far future I will find a guy. This year,that will change what I think. I thought that this year 2012(well of school,you know what I mean) I just will find the right guy that I had waited my whole life. I just don't know, is that true? Then that night I had this dream.

(Back to the Next Morning)

I just had the most wonderful dream. I never seen this guy so I knew it didn't exist(I think?). I just had to talk about this dream. I told some family members(cousins) on Facebook. I told them, they said that it was wonderful. I still had some curiosity and had to find out what it meant. I did found out. I went to a site that I know and described my dream. The keywords were unknown man. I found what it meant. This is what it meant. If you feel happy and likes to be where the stranger, then it represents, it is time to change. So I have to change.

I think what I have to change is my looks. My body, get more exercise, eat healthy. I just have to do this on a fresh start. I just don't know how. I just don't know how. People please if you know some other things. Comment below. I would love that you could give me suggestions.

Now I have to go. For now not forever. Please help me so I can help you. :)
<3 Stephanie S.(KulSteph)

P.S. Please mind the mistakes.Or spelling. Or the commas missing. I don't care about mistakes in here so don't mind telling any. Okay?! Thanx 4 Understanding.

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