Superior intelligence

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We always knew we were not alone, we had so many questions and so much to learn. But how long would it have taken for the big question to be answerd?

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



Superior intelligence

This is written in the year 2035 the day the first ship landed on our planet. The scale of the ship was so immense and beyond anything we’d ever imagined.  Ten soccer fields wouldn’t be enough to describe the scale of that ship. They landed carefully on an empty field of ground. The ship landed in Nevada and from where I was standing in California it was perfectly visible. You could immediately see in the air many jets flying toward it in high speed and helicopters approaching nearby it. In one hour time the whole united air force and ground troops were two miles near by the ship, preparing for the worst.

The commander in chief Jack Ryder was in control for all the ground troops and same goes for the air force.

As the ship landed on the ground it stayed still for approximately 25 minutes until the doors started to move. It opened in a spectacular way, not something you’d even imagine in science fiction. There was never a door but only a protective force shield that looked like two steel doors. Closely some creature 6.2 foot tall with 4 others behind him got out of the ship. They had dark blue leather armor on and some weird protective helmet on their heads.  You could directly see that the one in the middle was the commander or leader because of the difference of its colored jacket.

The leader began to come closer to the commander in chief, as it got closer Jack Ryder loudly yells “get your arms ready troops!”

The Alien leader got one meter in front of our commander and stood still while looking at him. Carefully the alien reached for its helmet and took it off.  It had a fairly long face with black dots on its head with no hair. Eyes that were a little bit smaller than ours and a mouth that had no lips, it also had small ears perfectly shaped and a little bit pointy on the top.

Commander in chief said “what are you and what do you want from us”

The Alien looked like as if it ignored what Jack said, it looked to the right then to the left and then it looked up and gave a glimpse of its smile. Jack repeated his question “what do you want from us?”

The Alien looked at jack this time and said “gha mao te fala mo tek nak to bano, fo de hai mai”

Jack said “I do not understand what you say”. The alien looked at a small triangle screen implanted into its jacked and started to push on weird hieroglyphics, it then reached for its neck and gave it a tick.

The Aliens says “if I tell you what I am and where I am from, you will not believe me”, “we are here to end what we have started”.

Jack Ryder says “what are you talking about. I don’t understand what you mean by those words

Alien “we have observed you as we have done it to many others, and in 2000 human years, you will become a danger to the galaxy”

Jack “how can you know that?”

Alien “we know everything. We created you 2.5 million human years out of organic material as an experiment. You can call us creators. We existed since the first planet was born”

Jack “This cannot be true, what do you mean by ending what you have started?”

Alien “in approximately one human day this planet will no longer be visible in this galaxy”

Jack “No you cannot do this, can we not reason with you?”

The Alien turned his helmet on ignoring Jack and headed to its ship, as it got closer to the shielded door something extraordinary happened. A gape was suddenly made into the earth’s atmosphere and a smaller ship emerged out of it. Without any hesitation the new visitors attacked the big ship.  As that was happening the Alien turned to jack and said “do you now see why we end so many planets before they evolve?”

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