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chapter- 1 Alex..Alex it's an emergency hurry up as i heard those words  i couldn't make delay i reached in operation theatre. i saw that patient was making effort to breath but couldn't . i gave him CPR but useless ECG was showing straight line which mean no heart beat. my senior dr. lee said " patient is dead" and referred to mortuary . dr. lee told me to take this responsibility of body."ok" i nodded. " hey alexare you going home"? asked eva my best friend since we were in 6 standerd " yeah i m kinda tired so see you tomarrow bye" i answered. as i moved to parking place i saw someone was stood behind me and he said " hello! i m john stewart i m a police officer i want to investigate the mortuary room". " oh you but i m getting late to go home you should go inside and asked dr. lee". i said gentaly . i moved to my home . i was so much tired after all so i went in my room and had sleep but i woke up as my cell phone rang i yelled " oh what the hell".eva was other end she told me body no. 1204 is not on the place. i was surprised to know that was the body of that patient who died today "oh my God" i shouted and get off my tiredness and took my car key and started my car but the car was totally out of controle i heard a music but there was nobody to play music i was in great problem i forgot my cell phone at my room. breaks of my car were fail .i didn't know what to do . i saw a tree in front and my car was about to crash i totally fainted. i didn't remind what happened next but when i opened my eyes i found my self in the hospital eva told me that i was missing for 3 days ' are you ok honey "? my mom asked and told me that mr. stewart helped me to found. i asked eva about dead body she told body is still missing.after taking 2 days rest i started my job again but the question was where the body went. i was in my cabin i heard "may i come in dr. alex". i made it out that this was mr. stewart so i said "yes". " hello dr. alex actually i want to talk to you about the missing body " he said. " oh yes please have you find that one". i asked very curiously " no i didn't but i want to see his medical report as i want to recognosed him"he said " sorry can't do it because that was unnamed body and report is not ready yet so i can't help you; i have to go to see a patient excuse me ". i moved." dr. alex , dr. lee is calling you " dr. eva told me. " ok i whispered. i went in his cabin " dr. alex here is a patient unconscious and you will take care of him now" he ordered ." yes sir " i nodded.

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