vampire's music - 2

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I started to take care of him one day i was alone with unconscious patient. i heared the same music as i heared that night when i got accident . all the light shut i felt like someone grabbed me i saw that patient leaned me to the wall . i shouted for help . walls of room was bleeding . i started crying blood was everywhere. i was about to drown in the blood i was shouting contineuly for help than dr. lee and eva came but as they entered in the room everything was ok blood was desappeared and i was free." what happened" they asked i tried to tell them everything but they didn't took me seriously. even eva my best friend too . everyone was thinking that i was insane. and dr. lee warned me " if you will do it ever you will be fired" " okay sir " i nodded like alwaysas i was moving to home eva stopped me and said " hey alex would you like to come and stay at my house with me , my mom and dad is not at home i feel lonely". she was so sweet so i accepted her invitation i called my mom that i won't come tonight don't wait for me . we enjoyed we played game talked about boys and had pillow fight.i felt that eva was my best my friend forever. next day in the hospital i was preparing for the surgery  but i heard the same music agai i was thinking that it was my imagination nothing happening. i gave patient anesthesia he was totally lost his mind but he removed all the wires and tried to hurt me with instruments. i was bleeding. i made it out it's real and i took anesthesia vaccine and injected in his body as dr. lee entered in operation room he saw instruments was spread everywhere and i was bleeding i was thinking that now he will understand that i was not lying buthe said " you are fired". i begged him " dr. please i didn't  did anything" but he didn't listen because he was thinking that i tried to kill my patient . eva was also behaving with me in a same way even when i tried to tell her she slapped me and yelled " enough alex enough you have changrd much get out of my sight" i was shocked to know that she didn't want see my face. i packed my things and saw body no1204's report on the table i took them and kept in to my purse as i didn't want to share with anyone. i came outside it was dark rainy day and my eyes were filled with tears and mixed with rain drop.i didn't want to go home not anywhere . i just wanted to stay in the rain.


Submitted: October 06, 2014

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