A Young Girls Decision

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This is a story about a friend of mine she told me I could write about this and was beside me while I was writing it.

Submitted: December 09, 2013

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Submitted: December 09, 2013



“I’m sorry but I don’t have anymore feelings for you is it ok if we be just friends?”

“Sure that’s ok” I say as my stomach starts to churn and ears start to ring.

“You’re taking this a lot better than I thought you would.”

“Well I don’t like to cry in front of people.” The awkward silence fills the cold early December air. I know I saw this coming but I still don’t like it and it doesn’t stop it from hurting still.

Oh how I still love you every time I see you my heart starts to hurt. I can not help but have my eyes search you out in a crowd or want to cry when I hear your voice the words play back in my head like a nightmare I wish I could wake from, but I don’t. I have accepted that we are no longer together and life goes on, but why do you stand before me asking me back.

“I feel I was wrong I still do like you a lot I want to go back to the way we were that ok?”

My heart is happy but “I’m sorry I don’t know if we should I do still have feelings for you don’t get me wrong but it’s just, how do I know you won’t hurt me again?”

“Look I really do like you or do you not trust my words?”

“See what you say are just words that can be a lie I think it best if we don’t I just don’t want to be hurt anymore by you.”


You can image on your own how this story ends weather he gets her back or loses her. But as you can see the girl has trust issues so you never no how this could go.

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