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this story is a bout a boy who finds a secret room and the love of his life.

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012



Journal Entry 1 My Grandfather told me to write of these troubled times. My father is the War General of America he helped fight off the robots in World War III. Now the world has got back to its prime evil state and now a new war has begun, my friends and I have been sent to my Grandfather’s mountain cliff home with many foggy days for protection. My friends the twins Sen and Sue are from china they speak English there parents went off in the war to fight for America. Sen the youngest twin is very cocky and full of him self some times he’s funny, others times he’s not he doesn’t stop eating which is surprising considering how skinny he is. Sue the elder twin wishes to be nurse like there father, she’s caring, supportive, and almost motherly which can be helpful. Finely my other friend Jade she’s very tomboyish, she’s stubborn, thick headed, and rough. She uses a light punch to the shoulder as a form of affection like a hug. She has five older brothers and no parents they died from a heart disease that swiped through the nations. Now there’s me I don’t know how to describe myself except my looks. I’m not very tall I’m taller then Jade but that’s not say much considering she’s only twelve but so am I. Oh I forgot My name is Andrew Eve. My father and Grandfather have the same Gel. After my father dies I’ll be the American general so my Grandfather is teaching me about strategy and how to fight. Back to my friends Sen and Sue they’re two years older then Jade and I but still good close personal friends. And so I end for today.

Journal Entry 2 Today I was playing hind n’ go seek with my friends when I found a little secret room I don’t even think my Grandfather knows of it, it had another small metal door in the corner. It lead to an air vent like tunnel at the end of the tunnel was a big room that looks like a school gym but I know it’s not it’s a war meeting room. So I pretended to be a general like my father. I said in a loud commanding voice “You men may not make it alive if you take the enemy for granted THEY’LL SHRED YOUR BODY EAT YOU UP SPIT OUT YOUR BONES LIKE LION!” as I finished saying his to my invisible army I heard a girls laughter that was high pitched and cute I thought it was Sue but as I got closer she looked much more different. She wore a gray jean hat bunching her hair in it and a shirt that was baggy around the top and on the arms. When she finished laughing so cutely I said hello she replayed in a language I didn’t know it wasn’t Korean and it wasn’t Chinese but she was defiantly Asian. Suddenly my friends started to try and open the large doubled doors. I rushed the girl to the corner were I knew there was a way out of it besides the big double doors. As I got the girl in to the way out I shut the little metal door. Just then my friends open the large door and stood only a mere ten feet away as I ran toward them hiding the small door they asked me what I was hiding I replay I wasn’t hiding anything and we started up the game again. When every one had left I opened up the little metal door and the Asian girl was gone leaving only a few questions in my mind Where did she come from? What language does she speak? How did she get here? And When will I ever see her again? This concludes my Journal entry for today.

note: this will most likely not be completed

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