Battle Scars

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Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



Life was it?

What is life to you? I was asked.

I couldn’t answer and put on a masked.

Not wanting to show what shouldn’t be shown.


Thinking back,

As to why life gave me a smack.

Tears fell to my sun kissed skin,

Remembering when it all begins.


 Innocence covered my soul to the time I was born.

But silently and slowly it was being torn.

Filling an innocent soul with scorn,

Hardships, tragedy, envy all left it broken.


Pieces of a shattered glass can never be fixed.

Like the pieces of my soul which was left scattered,

One by one, trying to put them all together to make it better

Alas! It was whole again! But the scars will be engraved forever.


Not a sign of weakness but proof of a hard fought battle.

A battle which I succeeded,

Confronting life level headed.

Molded by tragedy and now born as a warrior.

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