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Clinging to little hope and waiting for something or someone that we knew wouldn't come can lead us to be completely broken.

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016




A new beginning, a fresh start, that’s what everyone is hoping for. A blank page, a new chapter where one can freely draw.

It sounds easy right? But it’s the opposite; once been carved it can never been erased.

Emotions tend to hinder us from moving on, those little voices that keeps on murmuring at the back of our minds to hope a little.

 We do know that those little hopes are the one that silently kills us from the inside like a disease that slowly spreads for a kill but we still cling on to it.

Funny isn’t it how we make ourselves suffer so much when we know we can do better.  Efforts and will power can make us step forward but we choose to remain still, continue to stand on the fork on the road, waiting until one can no longer stand and drop on the ground.


The warm earth touches my cold skin, offering heat generously. Energy slowly slipping away from the body, black dots started appearing until it covered the whole world and I no longer feel anything as time stops.  

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