Batter Baking

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Im into a new comic and I dont plan to publish it. This is a short story to learn a little about Beelasiel and Kierra. Beelasiel is a Nephili and Kierra is a Seere. See how much they 'Get along!' They cant wait to be the stars next rime!
Kierra: idiot.. you mean time! Not rime!
S.K.(me): shut it Kierra....

Beelasiel likes to eat what Kierra bakes all the time, and she hardly cannot stand him. He's all the time pestering her about her sweets. Not all the time Beelasiel is kind though.

Beelasiel: Where is you're fudge cake? Kierra: Somewhere you won't find it. *Slams math book in face* ……… Beelasiel: Where is your fudge cake? Kierra: how LONG will you keep annoying me?*slams math book in face* ……… ......... Beelasiel: Where is your fudge cake? Oh, I hid your mathbook this time. Kierra: Aww thats too bad..*slams english book in face* .......... Beelasiel about gives up, but he has one more idea. ………… Beelasiel: I've hid every book and rusty crowbar you own. I will ask one more time.. Where is your fudge cake......WHERE IS IT?! Kierra: I thought you said you'd only ask once.. * gets science kit out*

Beelasiel gives up because science is Kierra's best knowledge. He did not want to be disected...again.

Submitted: December 04, 2014

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