Ones I love.........

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

tribute to family and friends.........

I sit here staring upon the night,
And seeing many stars in the sky,
I see the light of the ones I love,
Light that is bright, brighter then the stars above.
It brings me to the thoughts, of loved ones that I am with
And these thoughts bring me memories, happy thoughts that I miss.
The loved ones that are with me have taught me many things and ways
And have gotten me through each day.
How I love their company, their happiness and smiles they bring,
And the memories they made, those memories that now ring.
Memories of happiness, of the innocence we had,
Of the joys and good times and even some that were sad.
In all of them, my loved ones were always with me,
Even when all the faults had pointed at me.
These fond memories were to be loved and cherished,
I will not forget them even after I perish.
Memories of love and emotion so great and bright,
Its searing energy gives of so much light
In my mind, though dark and grim,
I laugh at those thoughts and give praise from within.
In my eyes I can still see,
The joys that we had, the laughter with so much glee.
And now reality comes back and I see upon me
That my loved ones are with me now, sitting here beside me,
I don’t know what they see in me, for all I see are faults that lie beneath this scarred skin of mine,
What they see in me, I will not understand, but I love them just as fine.
Their support that they give, the lessons that they teach
Are much wiser and more valuable than any that are preached.
Sitting here with them upon the night,
I stare up at the half lightened sky
And see those around me, more brighter, more pure,
Have helped me through life and held my hands through the pain I endure.
With tears in my eyes, I mouth the words of thanksgiving
For I find myself breaking down with emotions emitting,
These people deserve so much, but I have so little to give,
All I can offer is a hand to hold onto, a shoulder to cry on as long as I live.
They are so forgiving so supportive sometimes,
I think only God himself can bless me with such blessings, these relatives of mine.
As I sit here with them, feeling as if I’m being sheltered from all the pain,
I sit here with thoughts and words flowing in my mind, thoughts of happiness so hard to gain.
The memories come back and the words fit in,
And all the feelings joy and happiness light up from within.
This warm feeling that wards of that coldness that I feel,
The feeling of emptiness I had wished so long to kill.
I wake up again, from this sea of reverie,
I find myself I am with my loved ones the only place I could be.
And all the joy fills up the sky
And lights up the darkness upon the nigh,
I find myself resting peacefully with only words drifting in my mind,
These words are happy, thankful, and the sort of that kind.
The beautiful souls around me, I thank them deep within my soul,
And my soul drifts freely with no taints of toll.

Submitted: October 06, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Kurojin. All rights reserved.

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omg!! this was just amazing a great poem . thanks for writing and sharing this with us all loved it sj

Tue, October 6th, 2009 8:46am


I'm glad you like it....Thank you for such kind words...

Tue, October 6th, 2009 6:54am

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