In the Middle of the Night I Call Your Name

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this story, a man may or may not have an encounter with extraterrestrial beings.

Craig woke up. His wife had just gotten out of bed and was heading toward the bathroom. He looked at the alarm clock on the table by his bed. It told him 2:37 A.M. The bathroom door closed. Craig had just fallen asleep an hour ago.

He wouldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

Craig had a disorder known as 'waking insomnia'. Craig's 'waking insomnia' was caused by back pain. Craig's back pain was caused by a childhood injury. Craig's childhood was caused by birth. Craig's birth was caused by his father ejaculating sperm into his mother's vagina.

The bathroom door opened. Craig's wife returned to bed. Craig lie there staring up into the black abyss. The abyss was extra dark that night. His back was on fire. Craig wasn't worried though. He had checked on previous nights and could never see any flames. His wife couldn't see the flames either.

Craig assumed the flames were a figment of his imagination.

Craig sat up. He collected all the energy he could and eventually managed to stand up. He wobbled side to side until he found his center of balance. Craig put his hand on the wall beside him. As he walked, his hand told him how far he was from the bedroom door. Once his hand felt the cold glass of the bedroom window, it told him five feet.

Craig trusted his hand.

Craig's hand moved from the wall to the knob of the door in front of him. His hand turned the knob. Craig's hand then guided him along the wall to the stairs. The flames on his back burned bright as he descended the stairs. His hand found the switch on the wall and flicked it into the 'On' position.

His eyes seemed to be ablaze now as they adjusted to the light of the kitchen.

"Ouch!" his eyes said to Craig. He brought his eyelids down for a few seconds. When he brought them back up his eyes were adjusted to the kitchen lights. "We're alright now," they said.

Craig walked over to the refrigerator and opened the bottom half. He took out the plastic container filled with milk and put some of that milk into a glass container. He drank the milk in the glass container and returned the plastic container to the refrigerator. Craig put the glass container into the sink. He then lifted up his shirt and made sure his back was not aflame. Once he knew he was alright, his hand guided him back up the stairs and into his room.

He got into bed and let his mind wander. This is what Craig often did when he could not sleep at night. After a few minutes of wandering, a question that Craig often pondered came about. It was a question that many people on Craig's planet thought about the answer to. As far as Craig knew, no one had ever answered it. The question was "Why?"

Why was Craig 'alive'? Why is anyone 'alive'? What is the meaning of 'life'? Like most people, Craig hadn't the slightest idea and probably never would. He had made peace with this fact long ago.

After about an hour and one half of mind-wandering, Craig got bored with trying to answer the unanswerable, and decided to try and sleep. After about an hour and one half of sleep-trying, Craig couldn't decide what to do. He stared into the abyss again.

The abyss was Craig's friend.

While staring into the abyss, Craig noticed a small flicker of light come from the air over the foot of his bed.

He thought that the flickering light was a figment of his imagination.

A few seconds passed and then another light flashed.

He thought that the flickering light was a figment of his imagination.

Just then a brighter, more vibrant flash of light appeared. And then again. And then again. The flashes were becoming more and more frequent, and more and more blinding.

"Ouch!" Craig's eyes told him, "Close us immediately!" Craig obeyed. He could see through his eyelids that the light was still flashing. The frequency of the flashes became greater and greater until there appeared to be only one constant light at the front of his bed.

"I'm going to open you," Craig told his eyes. He did. The light was almost painful to look at.

"Ouch!" his eyes said.

Craig would have closed his eyes, but he suddenly caught a glimpse of a face amidst the light fixture. He looked away for a moment, to give his eyes a rest. His wife was next to him in bed, asleep. Craig wondered again if maybe this light was just a figment of his imagination. He turned toward the light to make sure.

The light was still there above his bed, along with the now well defined face. Craig couldn't tell if the face was human, let alone male or female. It appeared to be without flaw. It was staring into Craig's eyes. He connected with the face for a moment.

Craig then began to feel a breeze on his face. He looked around the bedroom. No windows were open. The wind became increasingly prominent, until it was downright violent. Craig looked at his wife. She was still next to him, and still asleep.

There was a final blinding blast of white light, and a final gust of wind, and then it was calm. There was a black abyss. Craig was in it. He felt at home.

There was nothing.

There was not any light.

There was not any wind.

There was not any Craig.

It was bliss.

Then there he was, on a cold slab of metal looking up into another light. It wasn't the light from his bedroom. This light wasn't alive or dead. It was just a light.

Craig's back no longer hurt.. In fact, he could no longer feel anything.

He tried to move.


He tried to speak.

There was no sound.

Everything was blurry.

Craig concluded that he must be under the influence of some sort of drug.

All of a sudden, the slab of metal Craig was laying on slowly began to tilt him upright. In front of him were three things. He was not sure what they were. They were too blurry to tell.

Craig was dizzy.

"Hello," a voice said. Craig thought it came from inside his head. The voice had no distinguishing male or female characteristics about it. "We are here to learn. Don't be afraid."

Craig wasn't. There was something soothing about the voice. He didn't feel in danger.

"We opened you and had a look around," said the voice.

Craig didn't mind.

"We didn't take anything. We fixed your back."

"Thank you," Craig's back told them.

Craig felt like a rat.

Craig felt like a lab rat.

"Do you have any questions before we return you to your home?"

Craig tried to think of something to ask the things.

He thought of a question.

"What is the meaning of life?" Craig asked. His mouth didn't move, but he heard his voice, and the things in front of him heard it as well.

There was a long pause, and then three voices in Craig's head answered in unison.

Craig felt enlightened.

He felt one with the universe.

Then there was a black abyss. Craig was in it. He felt at home.

There was nothing.

There was not any light.

There was not any wind.

There was not any Craig.

It was bliss.

Craig opened his eyes. He was in his bed. His wife was next to him. She rolled over and met eyes with him.

"Good morning," she said. Craig looked out the window. It was a good morning.

"Morning," he replied.

" Did you sleep?" she asked. She had slept quite well.

"A little," Craig told her. He smiled.

"Why are you so happy?" his wife asked.

Craig was rarely happy.

"Just am," he said. A strange feeling came over him. "I had a dream, but I don't remember it."

"I hate when that happens," she said. There was silence.

Craig tried to remember.

"You don't remember any of it?" his wife asked him. There was another silence.

Craig tried to remember.

"No," he said.

"That's too bad," his wife replied. She got up and went downstairs.

Craig stayed in bed and tried to remember his dream.

His back didn't hurt at all.

Submitted: June 29, 2010

© Copyright 2022 kurt farmer. All rights reserved.

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