Encounter with the gods

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The story speaks of the unseen gods responsible for the creation of this universe. There exists an eye who keeps a watch on us, guides us and leads us to our paths. In this world they are known as 'aliens' but in whole universe, 'Parmatmas'. Read the story to be inspired by the concept of gods and existence these beings of supreme order.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017






Twelfth day of December, year 2012 might be one of my unforgettable experiences. It was my birthday then. My family consisted of Mama, Papa and my beloved Disha didi. Mama was a cunning woman. She twisted her words according to the situations. What a lucky man papa was to have such a clever and beautiful wife. In other hand, papa was a man of few words. His patience and logic, both were signs of success in reality. My didi was a bold girl and a blunt lady at the same time. Determination towards her goal was the most effective quality of hers I had ever known.


It was a normal Tuesday with no much fun moments packed for that day. I was a punctual boy of twelve. My routine was certain; nine to ten was  my study time and after that one hour of studies, four hours had to be the break time (I wasn’t so punctual also. Sometimes, I used to extend my break to five hours or so). After break, one hour of studies again and then the remaining hours had to be my break time for sure. Yes, do learn from me ‘the correct use of time’.


The moon was clear in the skies. I don’t know why I have an unique attachment towards the moon. But whatever it is, moon certainly provides a sense of pleasure and self satisfaction to my innocent heart. Its white light determines the effort of its pure heart to help as much as it can.

It acts like a messenger of love, peace and knowledge. Well, this is what I think of moon. But this thought was disturbed by a restless voice echoing continuously from corner to corner of my mind. “Tomorrow will be the best birthday which i think you will not be able to forget. Hehehe.”it was didi’s own words which made me restless the whole night.


My attempts to sleep kept on failing till the clock struck five to twelve.

Though, I slept for only five minutes It was the best sleep ever in my life.


The clock struck twelve………ding…dong…


I was awakened by the creak of my bedroom’s door. Shiver went down my spine. I was unable to move my jaws as they froze. I gulped and asked knowing that no one was going to answer,”W-Who is it?Didi-Di don’t Sc-care me like Th-that? Please, tell me it is you?”


The reply was unexpected. The door opened wide and the footsteps could heard gradually gaining pace. A feminine but old voice was heard, “Come along, Raja. Let me gift you something special.”


I was taken back when I heard a familiar word which had been lost for a year. ‘Raja’ was the word that my Aai had been using since my birth in reference to me. It was the previous year when I had witnessed the loss of my caring and loving Aai.


I went along with her as she said. Her footsteps guided me to my study room. Then, she appeared in parts. First arrived her favorite white sari and then her body parts. She appeared to be smiling at me. I smiled too on seeing her in front of my eyes. She pointed towards my study table and requested me to shift it towards left.


As soon as I was done, I had my glance fixed on an old-fashioned and attractive chest which was hidden behind my study table for all these years.

I grabbed it and decided to open Aai’s present.


“Raja, it is locked and the key lies beyond our own conscience. The world is not as big as you think, Raja. Remember that this world is nothing but a point for the carriers of this chest’s key. These people, I am talking about, are no ordinary people. They can bring life to this planet and also take it away.” she said in the praise of these supreme beings.


“Your journey lies beyond this world, Raja. You have to control your mind in order to meet these real gods. You have to leave your conscience and attain complete freedom from your body. Train yourself in order to meet me. In this world, they are called aliens but in universe they are honorably known as parmatmas. I will wait till you complete your training, Raja. May the gods bless you.” She disappeared with these statements.


My alarm chimed till I had my hands over it. It was four in morning and I didn’t remember setting it so early. I realized that this whole time I was with my Aai in a dream. I bit my lips in anger. How could I be so foolish to even believe my mind’s thoughts.


I rushed to my study table and pushed it aside to my left. I was shocked.

How could this be possible? Was yesterday night real? I buried my heavy head in my hands and stood there for few moments.


The voice echoed again, “Train yourself and prove worthy of it……”

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