Nameless (chapter 1)

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The life and times of Andrew Andrews: college freshman, fraternity brother, closeted fag. Looking for a new start at a new school in a new city.

**DISCLAIMER** foul language - offensive content - sexually explicit

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



"My dick hardened as I felt the weight of his muscled body press down on me. Was this really happening? What do I do with my hands? I wasn't sure. I rubbed them down his shirtless back and, as he slipped his tongue down my throat, I slid my hands down the back of his shorts.

He pulled back and looked deep in my eyes. He smiled when he felt my finger inside him. His body tightened up and he let out a soft moan as I went deeper."


Andrew woke up with a quick jerk and a sudden adrenaline rush. His dormroom felt like a sauna and his body was starting to sweat.

He folded his hands behind his head and let out a heavy sigh. That damn dream again... The same fucking dream that haunted him for the last four months.

He glanced across the room at Ryan who was sound asleep. Ryan had been tossing and turning and his blanket was pushed down to his feet. Andrew admired his roommate's lean body. Ryan had the cock of a porn star and it was just hard enough to make a clear print through his boxers. Andrew had a fantasy of sleeping in bed with Ryan. They didn't even have to fuck, he just wanted to stay up all night grinding against each other's naked bodies. The only problem was that his roommate is straight.

Andrew envied Ryan's sexuality. He wanted more than anything to be straight. His life would be so much easier if he could be satisfied with fucking girls. But he wasn't, and this unfortunate truth haunted his dreams. Every night he relived the day he was outed his senior year in high school. As if it wasn't bad enough when it happened! Why did the memory of that day have to torture him in his sleep? He went from being the man on campus to the fag that everyone was talking about. It was too much for him. He gave up his football scholarship to enroll in a small university across the country.

Nobody in North Carolina knew his name. He was ready to create a new life for himself, but first he needed to decide who he wanted to be.


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