To Those Who are Broken.

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A brief poem on the pains of love. One of my darker stories.

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



For those in pain or feel sad and lifeless

you may find this poem quite to your likeness

You have been broken,beaten,battered and bruised

they have left you, now everything’s blue

You sit and think,how could this be?

to feel no love for eternity

you look at the ocean and begin to mourn

the slightest wave feels like a storm

the cold is warm, and the warm is cold

with this person, you were to grow old

you sit and weep,leaking your tears

huddled in sorrow,realizing your fears

the cold black night, is a friend to your heart

because light and joy have torn you apart

you sit and mope,hoping to die

yet all you do is sit there and cry

so bring yourself out and let down your hood

and do something useful, do something good

you’re only human,but still you endure

strength and passion will surely allure

So pull yourself out and break your chain

it's your life you'll soon regain

love is a risk, or a huge mistake

but it's surely a chance that you should take.

© Copyright 2019 Kyden M. Stoknes. All rights reserved.

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