The World of Sameness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

this was a story I had to do for school. it is to show what the world might look like if we were all the same.

A Report to Dr. Stands
 On the Behavior of Elpoep Beings on the Recently Discovered Planet of Emas
By Aarrel Edge, Space Jumper Trainee
February 21, 3002
When I landed on the planet Emas, I was shocked at the similarities between it and the planet we call home, Earth. There were trees, grass and flowers. I must admit that they looked different then the ones on Earth. The trees were all different shades of purple, the grass was a blue, and all the flowers were the same evil-looking shade of black. I will have to ask the beings here, called Elpoeps for and explanation on the environmental colors.
February 22, 3002
After doing an analysis on the atmosphere, I discovered that the air on this planet was quite breathable. This means that I will not have to wear my space suit when interviewing the locals.
I arrived in Dnal, the city we happened to land near, early this morning. Or morning as in earth time. Here the years, months and days are five times longer than Earth’s. Considering how far out this planet’s orbit is from its sun, called Shnar. The Experience was quite interesting. All the houses were laid out exactly the same, had the same colored roofs, (a dust orange color) the same amount of black flowers and purple trees in each yard, and the scariest thing was that everyone looks the same.
February 23, 3002
The Elpoeps fit in the humanoid class as they look so much like us. What is overwhelming is the fact that they all look the same. Green hair, cut to the ears, black eyes, pink skin, and straight mouths. No one smiles. I highly doubt that they have the ability to do so.
Everyone wears the same drab-colored grey shirts and yellow slacks. Each one of the grown Elpoeps are roughly around five feet, four inches. The Only way to tell the males from females is by looking at their eyes. Female Elpoeps tend to have longer eyelashes and narrow eyes.
Children look exactly like the adults, only shorter. They wear yellow shirts and grey slacks. I will have to remember to ask when they change to adult colors.
February 24, 3002
After interviewing 100 Elpoeps this morning, I find to my horror that they all like the same things. For instance, All Elpoeps like the same colors, yellow and grey. They all like to eat the same thing, Blue Grass salad with black flowers. They say that they like to eat Ice cream for dinner each night. Apparently, past space Jumpers introduced the dish not so long ago. It’s the only new thing that these beings have tried in years. It Also explains why the humanoids are able to communicate with us. 
All Elpoeps talk and think the same thing too. I will be glad when it is time to leave this planet and go home to different people and a variety of colors and people.
 March 3, 3002
After visiting over a dozen towns, I have reached the conclusion that the life of the Elpoeps is very boring. For the first few Emas years of their lives, Elpoeps live and play with other children their age. When they reach the age of seven (in Emas years) they change colors. Instead of yellow shirts and grey slacks, they wear gray shirts and yellow slacks. After that, they live out the remainder of their lives in total boredom.
I have yet to see one Elpoep socialize with another. Except when they are below the age of seven, or when they are looking for a mate. Each one is self-sufficient, making their own houses, clothes, food, and cutting their own hair.
Life on this planet is depressing. I am so glad that earth, with all it faults, is full of a variety of thought and taste.
 ~Aarrel Edge, Space Jumper Trainee, in the year 3002
Note: this assignment was to show people what the world might look like if all people thought, lived, talked, ate, and dressed the same way. Life would be a total bummer.

Submitted: February 12, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Kyelynn Clare. All rights reserved.

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I like the idea, the setting, and the descriptions--I'm a big fan of adventurous sci-fi and whatnot. ^_^

That said, I think you didn't have to tell us directly that their lives were boring. You could have shown it with an event, like the fact that the Space Jumper had to leave.

Also, I kind of wish you'd describe the setting a little more. Are the houses all in identical rows? Or do they live in buildings in cities?

Thu, February 12th, 2009 6:59pm

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