Off With His Head

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Human Trafficking

Submitted: July 30, 2014

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Submitted: July 30, 2014



I was stolen when I was walking home from school

My masters are cruel

I was only fifteen

I get used more than a coffee machine

I got dressed up in sensually

I wasn't prepared mentally

The customer was a stranger

All around me was danger

He payed one of my masters

This night was going to be one of many disasters

He started to undress me

As he was undressing me he tells me "You ready sweet pea?"

I just shook my head no as tears dribbled from my eye

I told my virginity good bye

My innocence flew from my body

I knew I needed revenge... Disembody

After my gentleman caller took my inoocence and childhood

I wanted my master to feel my pain... Take his "wood"

I needed to seduce him

This act of justice needed to be grim

I told him I would give him a gift

His hips lifted with pleasure

With one hard bite his manhood was gone

I got his little pawn

I have his head

As he bled

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