Shadows and Lies

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This is about someone in my past who I wrote a lot about because that is the only way to deal with things sometimes...

Submitted: April 21, 2007

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Submitted: April 21, 2007



I despise you over and over in my mind as you tell me that you love me.


Dreams, like butterflies fluttering against my eyelids let me know that I'll survive tomorrow.

I will be strong for the lies when they come rushing at me like waves.

No longer able to stand, I lay looking up at the endless sky in its darkness, thinking of what life is really like.

Drowning in my fears of not making it, of not being tough enough, I still wonder...

You can't hide who you are behind the shadows of life, and you're afraid.

You Lie.

I spin around until nothing is clear except for every thought in my head.

I become a whirlwind until you develop into nothing but a blur, a faded sketch on an artists pad.

The moon is brilliant with light filling each room with its warmth, but you stay out in the cold of the night alone.


I try hard to forget but I don't think I ever will, even after I spin I still remember. But nothing is more important than you remembering what you did.

Etch it into your mind, don't let the memory get away, not even when you sleep. That is the only way that you will understand.


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