Fake smile

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Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



There is a girl in the corner.

Just turned 15. 

Ever since she was little it was always her dream.

To marry a man

Who would treat her just right. 

WIth loving best friends

For the rest of her life. 

But as she grew up her friends grew cold. 

So she twisted her life

Just to fit in their mould.

Now her biggest fear is that she will be rejected. 

She will try anything to fell

love and accepted.

She posts photos on instagram

hoping that now

Her body attracts something her heart cant somehow. 

Slowly turing her self into something 

shes not. 

Desprate for anyone to think

she is hot. 

But the love that she craves

has never come through.

And all the dreams she once held

just havent come true. 

If you ask how she is 

she will say that shes fine. 

She disgisuses it well but she is dying inside. 


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