"The Disease" - By Kyle Connor

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A man that is filled with anger about his current state of depression refers to himself as nothing more than a disease...

Submitted: September 08, 2010

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



The Disease
By Kyle Connor

I can't stop or fight,
the end seems out of sight,
What am I suppose to do,
when I don't know my enemy like I'm suppose to?

All these pills are here to support me.
Yet it feels like all they are doing is killing me!
Nothing much I can do, is there?
When did my World and Life become so unfair?

So many sleepless nights,
so many pointless fights,
I can’t tell what's wrong or right,
when my mind is filled with darkness and I can't see the light!

Out of the darkness, there is a shred of light
Showing me the pain that’s in my line of sight
that’s alright though; I already know the plan,
of how these people want to help their "fellow" man.
All they want to do is drug me up, see?
Just so I can shut the hell up and not hear a peep from me!

I'm considered a disease because I spread truth,
and what I say sends people through the roof.
How everyone treats me like an animal caught in a trap
Where they slander and mock me, the bunch of rats!
They back up their actions with lies; I back up mine with proof.
"Up his dosage some more, so he can't deal anymore reproof."

I'm the disease when the fights break out,
and no one sees that I'm provoked, no doubt.
Yet I strike at them, hard, slick, and fast
 And yet all they want to know is how long I will last
Sometimes I don't even know what this is all about
"Just take a few of more these, and you'll be knocked cold out"

It's always me and never any you,
that's a lie and you know it's true.
A simple apology or sorry would suffice,
but you love to test my limits, so you'll roll the dice,
Just to see how far my anger and rage can go,
but you won't like the out come, this I know.

Once I unleash the anger inside,
you’ll want to tuck you tail, run and hide,
because none of you will want to deal with me,
Better yet, you best get out of my proximity!
No matter if you love me or hate me,
the wrath I force down upon all of you will MAKE you not want to see me!

My anger fades as my sanity slips
Medicine is now inside; I can still taste it on my lips
Drifting away into a cold sleep
One where your mind falls so deep
On to the brink of no return to this world
Go to sleep and forget about your perils
“There you see, out in time once again
Now we don’t have to listen to him.”
Always in the end, it will all be on me,
Nope, not you or what you did to me.
Ignore the fact that you broke my heart
And have torn my whole world and soul apart
With all your deceit, lies, and disloyalty
As usual, you can just place the burden on me
and it can set everybody's mind at ease,
when you can simply blame it on the "Disease"...

© Copyright 2017 Kyle Connor. All rights reserved.

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