It Is All Fun In Games

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Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



It is sad that the doctors told me that my pregnant wife died during birth. Twenty minutes later they hand me this beautiful baby. They said they would give me half a hour with her. I was nervous to hold this tiny precious newborn. "Hi Isabella. It is your daddy." The sight of the new born baby made my happy and my stomach do flips at the same time. "Your mommy would be happy that you are here."

I started rocking the baby and bouncing the baby. I started to hum a tune to my Isabella. I could not stop thinking how perfect this baby was. She was asleep and hasn't cried once since I took a hold of her. I smiled at the new creation life has brought to me. She pink skin from the placenta, her tiny body parts, her bald head. She was beautiful. "I bet you will grow up and look like your mama. She was a stunning young lady. She had wonderful red curly hair. She had a body like a model." I just keep staring at the little angel in my arms. I could not take my eyes of the small darling.

"You know, your mama was a good lady. She was bright young woman. She graduated from Harvard law school. She was one of the top students of her class. Then she started to go to parties every other night. It started to ruin our lives. She would go out and drink and do some party drugs. She would come home drunk and drugged up. I could not stand it. Her actions started to catch up with her. She went to a party and shared a needle with someone who had the HIV virus. She put some herion inside the used needle and shoved it into her blood vein. She injected herself with the virus." I could feel my hot tears fall from my face. The tears would hit Isabella's blanket. "Even though she ruined my life and her own life, I still loved her. I she still owned my heart."

"Don't blame your mother. She just wanted to have some fun. But it is all fun in games until someone dies from an infectious disease." I watched as the doctors came out of the emergency room. They came strait towards me and Isabella.

"Mr. Barello, your thirty minutes are up. We are going to have to take the baby away from you." one of the female doctors said. She ripped Isabella out of my arms and walked away. The other doctors patted me on the back before they left.

I just watched the doctors take away my stillborn baby away from me. They took my AIDS infected baby away from me. They ripped a little piece of my heart out and took it with them. I lost everything that day. I lost my wife and I lost my baby. I couldn't get Isabella out of my mind. I left the hospital and walked home in a blizzard.

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