My Love (What a fantasy)

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My poem that I wrote about a crush but only fantasizing about it. My first love doesn't know I even live on planet earth. 6/20/11

Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012



I am in love

Whenever I see my love

I cannot take my eyes off my love

My love is my eye candy

My love can sing

My love reminds me of a cannary

When my love sings

It is like an angel

Calling my name

It almost makes my ears melt

Whenever I think about my love

I think about being craddled

Craddled in my love's arms

And my love is whispering sweet lullabies

Oh how I would be

My heart would flutter

Like a butterfly exiting the cocoon

I would die happy

In my love's embrace

My love I want our hearts to become one

Be in sync with our heart beats

I want our love to be one and true

My love

I only have love

No lust

The best part about my love is

It will be my first love

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