Perry's Death Sentence

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Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



"In the early morning of May a life has been taking away. Seventeen year old Perry Misson dies instantly in a severe car crash. Perry flew out of the car's windshield and skitted fifty feet face first on the highway. Leaving a trail of his blood on the pavement."

That was part of the newspaper article about my cousin's death. Finding out that he died traumatized me. I was listening to the scanner when I found out that a semi hit a car on Highway 63. Of coarse, I am an ambulance chaser so I hopped into my mustang and headed towards the crash. After driving for ten minutes I knew I was getting close. I could see cars getting stopped. I jumped out of the mustang and slowly walked over to the scene of the crime. I noticed a familiar car but I did not think twice about it. "It can't be anyone I know." saying stupidly.

I wish in life there are things that you could unsee. If I could this would be the time I would choose to remove. I saw a trail of someone's sticky blood on the highway. I remember seeing the truck driver pacing around like a cagged panther. He was really upset about hitting the other person. I peaked over and I saw a body laying on the hot pavement. The person was in such a bad shape that I could not tell who it was. Their face was tore apart and their blood was gushing all over their skin and clothes. One of the cops noticed that I was there and he was a family friend.

"Hey, Rufus. Who is the person who died?"

He gave me a face that said 'Are you stupid?' "This is hard to tell you Clarence. I am just going to come out and tell you. The person who died is your cousin, Perry."

When he said 'your cousin, Perry' my body went numb. I had to sit down. I was too shocked to even cry. I almost didn't believe it. But Rufus wouldn't lie about this. I just stared at the dead body that use to be my cousin and shook my head. This can't be happening. This is all just a dream. I started to pinch myself.

"Come on Clarence. Wake up from this nightmare. Wake up! Come on, please?" now I am feeling the emotions. They hit me hard. There tears were coming down before I even noticed that they were there. "Perry? Please, wake up. Do it for me. Do it for your family. Do it for you. You had so much to live for."

And he did. He got strait A's and he told everyone that when he graduated that he was going to Harvard Law to study criminal law to help make the world a better place to live. Perry had dreams that were bigger than this world. Now Perry is no longer lives on this world. Perry was so young and it is just not fair.

"Clarence?" Rufus called for me.


"I noticed that Perry's cell phone was in his car. I grabbed it for you."

I look at the phone for a bit. I hit a button and the phone light up instantly. I noticed that a text message was open. I read the text. "Text me when you get into town. I will have you follow me to my house." I looked at the top of the message and my heart dropped and my throat got dry. I sent that message. I killed Perry with my text message. If I did not send that message he would still be here. I felt like vomiting. I killed my cousin. I cut his life short. I created Perry's death sentence. I just sat next to my lifeless cousin and cried for what seemed like eternity.

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