The Carnival (A contest entry)

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Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



Usually fairs are fun. Colorful balloons floating everywhere. The sound of rides fill the air. The smell of animals all around you. The taste of the mouthwatering food. This year was the worst fair ever. Everything was fun until a few things turned the whole trip sour.

My friends, Melissa, Ronnie, and I wanted to go to the fair so we hop into Ronnie's electric blue hybrid and make our way to the fair. It took us five minutes to drive to the fair.

"What should we do first?" Melissa asked.

"I think we should go to the petting zoo!" Ronnie yelled. Melissa and I both knew this is what Ronnie wanted to do. He is such an animal lover.

"How did I know that was going to come out of your mouth?" I said jokingly to Ronnie.

"What can I say? You know me too well." he said back.

"Okay. So it seems like we are going to the petting zoo first. Last one there is a rotten egg!" Melissa said as she started to sprint.

We all ran towards the petting zoo. The wind blew through our hair. The sun's rays hitting our skin. It seemed like it was going to be a great day.

"You guys this isn't fair. You know I run like a three legged turtle." I said. "I don't think that was a very fair race."

"You are just upset because you are a rotten egg." Melissa said jokingly.

We turn around and Ronnie is missing. We look over where the goats, sheep, ponies, calves, chickens, ducks, and other animals were and we find Ronnie already buying animal food.

"Thanks for waiting for us Ronnie!" I yell at him.

He turns around and gives me a big smile. "Oh, no problem."

As Melissa and I are about to enter the petting zoo we see this beautiful chestnut pony lift his tail. Melissa and I knew what this tiny horse was going to do. Poor Ronnie he didn't even see it coming. The pony poops right on his flip flops. Ronnie let out a blood curdling scream.

"This pony just pooped on me!" Ronnie screamed.

Melissa and I had no idea what to say. We just silently giggle to one another.

"I am done. Lets do something else." Ronnie said angrily.

"I want to ride the rides!" Melissa said.

We all go to the ride booth and buy stamps.

"I want to go on the zipper!" She said.

I decide to take her on the zipper. She looked so happy. I couldn't keep my smile in either.

After the ride is done going forwards we start going backwards. I look over at Melissa and she looks greener than Shrek. I can't believe that this was going to happen. I started to scream to let us off the ride. The ride stops I ran out of the ride so I wouldn't get puked on. She came over when she was done.

"I am done riding rides." Melissa said.

"Well can we play a few games?" I asked.

They agreed.

"Step right up you young folks. Want to give this game a try?" the carney asked.

"Sure. Why not?" I said.

I handed the carney five dollars and he gave me five ping pong balls. I have to get one in these vases. Then I can win a goldfish. Miss after miss after miss. I ended up becoming a loser and not winning anything.

"Wait! Young lady?" the carney tried to get me to stop.

"Yeah?" I said.

"I know you didn't win anything. But, here is my number. I can always be your prize." the carney said as he handed me a piece of paper with his digits on it.

I felt like throwing up too. I just got hit on by a fourty year-old carney.

You know what they say. Bad things comes in threes. Maybe our luck was over. It was because we didn't press our luck, we just left the carnival and went home and hung out at my house.

© Copyright 2018 Kyle Georgie Frydenlund. All rights reserved.

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