What Goes Through Your Mind

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Poem I wrote. 8/16/12

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012



I find it hard sometimes

Working in a morgue

Looking at the deaceased

It is hard to imagine

What comes after life

Do you get

Born again

Get sent to heaven or hell

Get earthbound

Roaming the earth as a ghost?

Everyone has their own opinion on this subject

I really don't care

When I die

I just hope I impacted someone's life

All I really know is that I sell coffins

I do make up on the lifeless

I put clothes on the bodies

That once had blood pumping through them

The hardest deaths for me

As a mortician

Is the young

They were not ready to die

Their life was yanked away

It is so unfair

But who said life had to be fair

If life was fair

I would be living in a pent house suite

My daddy a millionaire

And I would be his heiress

But I don't believe they died in vain

I believe that when someone dies

Someone gets born

It is the circle of life

Life recycles the living

Life sometimes chooses the weak

Sometimes it chooses the wrong

Sometimes it chooses the powerful

When someone dies

What goes through your mind?

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