Kyle Kidd, Gosh my Room's a Mess

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Childrens story about a boy named Kyle Kidd who has a hard time finding his baseball hat and glove in his messy room.

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012





Hi my name is Kyle and I have a game today,

But if I can’t find my cap and glove my coach won’t let me play.

I went upstairs to search my room but now I must confess,

I can’t find a thing in here, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

I dug through all my dirty clothes lying on the floor,

And tossed them in another pile right behind my door.

I found the racing car I lost and then my swat team vest,

But I didn’t find my cap and glove, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

Next I pulled back all the blankets lying on my bed,

And found my dad’s new hammer that should be in the shed.

I kept on looking high and low and giving it my best,

But I still didn’t find my cap and glove, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

I yelled down stairs and asked my mom if she would help me look,

But she was busy washing clothes and planning what to cook.

I’m starting to get worried and my efforts couldn’t be less,

I’ll never make my game in time, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

I found some things while looking that I thought I had misplaced,

Like my brand new football and a tube of old tooth paste.

But where I put my cap and glove is anybody’s guess,

I can’t find them anywhere, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

Soon my mom came up to see what was taking me so long,

And saw that I was troubled so she asked me what was wrong.

“I’ve looked all through my room” I said, “but I’m having no success,

Can you help me find my cap and glove?”; “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

With stern eyes mom helped me look around my messy room,

Then suddenly she tripped upon my Halloween costume.

Kyle, you know we get upset when your room is not its best,

I’m sorry mom I’ll clean it up, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

My mom and dad have asked me once and maybe even twice,

To pick up all my toys and clothes and keep things looking nice.

But when I’m in my room to play and dig through my toy chest,

I leave things lying everywhere, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

The time is quickly running out and I must get to my game,

But if I can’t find my cap and glove I’ll have no one else to blame.

I looked around my room three times while I was getting dressed,

My coach must wonder where I am, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

Then to my surprise mom saw perched upon a shelf,

What looked to be my cap and glove sitting by themselves.

I didn’t think to look up there I never would have guessed,

We finally found my cap and glove, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

We made it to my baseball game in just the nick of time,

And after six long innings we had won it ten to nine.

But even though my game was done I knew I could not rest,

I promised mom I’d clean things up, “Gosh my room’s a mess.”

When we got back to our home I rushed in to my room,

And picked up all my toys and clothes and ran our red vacuum.

I knew when I had finished it would have to pass the test,

And mom will surely let me know if my room is still a mess.

Cleaning was not as much fun as the baseball game I played,

But from mom’s smile I quickly knew I had a passing grade.

She hugged me tight and told me that she surely was impressed,

And how very proud she was of me for cleaning up my mess.

So now I take a little time each and every day,

And pick up all my dirty clothes and put my toys away.

Now it makes it easy as I’m sure you would have guessed,

To quickly find my cap and glove when my room is not a mess.

© Copyright 2017 Kyle Kidd. All rights reserved.

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