First Aid for Kids

First Aid for Kids

Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



First Aid for Kids is a great book it gives the child a guide on how to preform First Aid. Bonus also included is a guide on what you need for your very own first aid kit!
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First Aid for Kids is a great book it gives the child a guide on how to preform First Aid. Bonus also included is a guide on what you need for your very own first aid kit!

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First Aid for Kids is a great book it gives the child a guide on how to preform First Aid. Bonus also included is a guide on what you need for your very own first aid kit!

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Submitted: August 17, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 17, 2011




First Aid For Kids. ©


By:  Kyle T. Kopec



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The first thing that you need to know is that you need to make your very own first aid kit. So I am going to tell you everything that you need so you can have your very own first aid kit. 

Band-aids Small Flashlight


Medical TapeSandwich Bags


Ace Bandage

Big Bag to hold everything in


Rubber GlovesPaper




small role of duct tape


small plastic containers


Tongue Depressors Tums


This Book Ibuprofen


Burn CreamSurvival Wrap




MoleskinBaby  Wipes




Gauze Sam Splint



























Page 11 Cuts and Bruises

Page 12 Nose Bleeds

Page 13Head InjuriesPage 14 Broken Bones


Page 15 Allergic  reactions  Page 16   Hypothermia Page 17 Heat Illness and Heat Stroke Page 18 BurnsPage 19   DislocationPage 20Stroke Page 21Heart Attack

Page 22Sunburn

Page 22 Bee Stings

Page 23 Poison Page 24-25First Aid Checklist



Cuts and Bruises


How to treat Cuts 

If its a small cut take a baby wipe and wipe it clean so it doesn't get infected then place a band-aid over it and you are good to go. If its a big cut wipe it with a wipe then wrap gauze around it. You may have to go to the hospital if the cut is bleeding an excess amount.


Bruises Can be very painful so here's how you treat a bruise. Take a look at the Bruise usually its small and you can just leave it alone. If its over a foot long then you may want to have a doctor check it out. Now if the victim is in extreme pain the bone may have broken (see broken bones).

Nose Bleeds

Nose Bleed results in a loss of a pretty good amount of blood usually its not life threatening. To treat a nose bleed

Pinch your nose with your thumb and forefinger for fifteen minutes and tip your head forward NOT backwards. Apply a soft compress the nose until it has stopped bleeding.  If the bleeding persists for thirty minutes call your doctor and ask if you need to come in to get it treated.

A Nose Bleed is caused when blood cells (blood) breaks.

Don't be scared when you see blood coming out of somebody's nose it can be really scary but stay calm. Do you want to know something cool, blood is actually blue but when it touches oxygen it turns red. 

Head Injuries

A Head Injury is really dangerous it could easily kill the person who has it so if there is an adult with you have them help, if the adult is a doctor listen to them. 

To treat a head injury 

1. Do not clean a deep cut

2. Control bleeding by raising the victims head and shoulders but do not bend the neck. 

3. (if there is a cut) Apply a gauze over the cut and apply pressure


4. Call 911 and get to a hospital.










Broken Bones




How to treat 

keep the person warm, call 911 and wait for the ambulance, if the person has to be moved apply a sam splint firmly to the broken bone then firmly wrap it with duct tape. If the bone is piercing the skin DO NOT TOUCH IT OR CLEAN THE CUT. DO NOT ALIGN the bone just return it to its natural position.




Did you know that your teeth are bones?





Allergic Reactions



An Allergic Reaction can be deadly or not. If You think the person is having an allergic reaction check there pockets for an Epipen if you find one give it to an adult and ask them for help ONLY LET AN ADULT USE EITHER THE EPIPEN OR TWINJECT DON'T FORGET TO CALL 911. If the reaction is not serious then tell an adult, just too be sure that nothing bad will end up happening.





Did you know that if there are thousands of kids with allergies many of them have serious allergies.




How to treat


Move the person into a warm room as soon as possible. Most of the time you need to call 911. Remove wet clothing and warm up the affected areas as quickly as possible with blankets. DO NOT ALLOW THE WARMED AREA TO BECOME FROZEN AGAIN






Did you know that you will die in one hour from hypothermia if you are in the Arctic Ocean. 






Heat Illness

Have the Person lie down in a cool shaded area or an air conditioned room elevate the persons feet. If the person is conscious give them a cool water or sports drink about every fifteen minutes.



Heat Stroke

If the person is suffering from Heat Stroke Call 911, put them in a cool place, remove as much clothes as possible use fans, and air conditioners to help cool them down. Do not give them any stimulating Beverages such as Soda, Coffee, Tea or anything with Alcohol in it.



How to treat 

First Degree Burns- they look like redness or discoloration of the skin some swelling and pain how to treat apply ice packs wrapped in clean cloths over the burns for twenty minutes on then twenty minutes off for an hour. DO NOT APPLY ICE DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN. 


Second degree Burns- deep burn with red appearance and blisters how to treat

(see treatment for first degree burns).


Third Degree Burns- Deep Tissue destruction, with white or charred appearance to treat CALL 911, (see treatment for first degree burns).






How to Treat 



CALL 911, put an Ice Pack on the Dislocated Joint, Do not try to slip the Bone into place. Apply a sam splint wrap it tightly. Do Not move the Person unless they are in Danger.




Did you know that A dislocation is the bone popping out of its joint.









How to Treat




CALL 911, Keep the person

comfortable, loosen the persons clothing, apply cold cloths to the   persons forehead and face. 





Did you know that there are many signs of a stroke and some of them begin hours before the stroke, go online with a parent and research strokes so you can always be ready.



Heart Attack


How to Treat




  CALL 911, allow the person to remain in the most comfortable position possible. Talk to them keep them conscious keep them warm. If they have trouble breathing ask an adult for help immediately.




Did you know that a heart attack could be prevented, talk to your local doctor or go online with a parent to see what you can do.






How to treat


See Burns and treat for first degree burns, Keep the victim cool, Give them fluids to drink, if they look like they have third degree burns CALL 911.







Did you know that you should wear sunscreen in the winter because suns rays are sometimes even more dangerous than in the summer. 




Bee Stings


How to treat


If the person is allergic to bees see allergic reactions. If the person is really allergic to bees CALL 911, remove stinger with tweezers or by gently scraping DO NOT USE YOUR MOUTH OR TEETH. Apply medical cream to the affected area.





 Did you know that bees are to big and fat to fly but the can fly anyway.







How to treat




If the person is convulsing place them where they wont fall off anything. 








Never eat or drink something that says do not drink or eat IT IS POISON.




First Aid Checklist




Adhesive Bandages


Butterfly Closures


Flexible Rolled Gauze


Adhesive Pads


Nonstick Sterile Pads


Regular Sterile Pads









Each Home Should Have


Activated Charcoal


Alcohol, Rubbing


First Aid Cream


Ice Pack


Analgesic or Equivalent


First Aid Cream


Ipecac Syrup 


Mineral Oil


Soap, Mild


Sterile Eye Wash




I would Like to give credit to


Johnson and Johnson First aid 



© Copyright 2017 Kyle Kopec. All rights reserved.


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