What is Mona Lisa thinking

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A friend told me to write a short story with a twist about Mona Lisa...

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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Submitted: November 23, 2010



What is she thinking? What is she thinking? What in the world is she thinking? Oh, how I would give anything to know what she is thinking!

This person of  mystery stares at me, and I stare back. She smiles at me (oh, and how she smiles is quite eerie) and I smile back. Her smile

makes up majority of expression on her face. Her dark hair and pale skin reveals nothing, but her smile seems to be howing something. If only I knew!

Her smile seems happy, mischevious, knowing, and yet, at the same time, sad, tired, and lost. The only greater mystery than her smile is who she is.

Where is she from? What has she witnessed? What is her name? What is she like? Most importantly, who is she? These questions spring from my mind

like an erupting volcanoe spews molten lava. But these questions where never meant to be answered, for who will give me the answers? Certainly not this mysterious

person herself. My head throbs as I continue to wonder who this person is, yearning for answers that will never come. Wait! Perhaps she is thinking, that maybe, she would like

to be my friend? Like to know me better? Perhaps she is as curious of me as I am of her? Yes, That must be it! This mysterious person continues to stare at me with her strange smile, gets up, and leaves the room. Alas, I cannot, for I am stuck to a wall.

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What is Mona Lisa thinking

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