Lothor: Steel and Shadows

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When a shadow mage and his army of monstrous raiders destroys and slaughters a barbarian settlement, one barbarian rises up to take vengeance upon them.

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013




Steel and Shadows
Written by Kyle Enriquez
There was a time when might and magic clashed. When both warriors and wizards were at their peaks. In the land of Hyglania, there was much for the eye to behold. From the sandy desert region of Perata, to  the icy Valley of Frozen Wishes. Roaming the lands of Hyglania was Lothor, the lone barbarian prince of Valhoria. He would be forever known as the the vanquisher, the bandit, and the berserker. He is destined to retake his once destroyed homeland and build it anew and stronger than it was in the old age. 
Chapter One
It was that time once again, when winter was rising and autumn was dying. It was the perfect kind of season for Hyglania. That’s how they liked it, the barbarians. In the snowy mountainous forests of Faydock, sits Valhoria, the settlement of the proud Valhorians. Over a century they have settled in that one area. They were perhaps the only tribe of barbarians that were considered “the best of the land”. 
Their reputation for battle, bloodlust, and pride was great. Their fury was as mighty as the most fearsome demon. Though the Valhorians often traveled, they sought adventure, treasure, and battle. Valhoria wasn’t just a small tent filled settlement. It was like a tiny town. Valhoria had blacksmiths and stores and a community of such. 
However, it wasn’t the best time for the introduction, for the tribe was at war. A neighboring tribe decided to invade Valhoria with all their numbers, including their leader. The Valhorians knew that they were foolish, but still they had no choice. Conn, the Valhorian leader, barked to all strong arms to wield a weapon and strong shield to defend their homes. A horde of barbarians gathered around their settlement and waited with bloodlust to destroy their foes. The invaders were only minor barbarians, wearing war paint and skulls for masks and wielded iron weapons. That was their biggest mistake. 
The Valhorians had weapons of steel, the strongest kind of metal to exist in such lands. The invaders stormed the fields and attacked the Valhorians like savages. The Valhorians were bigger, faster, and stronger. They took their weapons and started cutting them down like farmers would cut down wheat. One Valhorian took his mace and bashed the face in of an invader while another one took two twin blades and stabbed an invader in the gut and then sliced his neck. Conn had his battleaxe; he hacked off the head of one foolish invader. He took the head and chucked it at another invading warrior, who was then knocked down from impact. Conn rushed to him and buried the blade in his chest. 
Fiona, Conn’s wife and the Head Mistress of Valhoria, ran outside to see what was going on, but she sees only battle. She was stunned at the sight but overcame it. She drew a dagger and ran at the invaders. She hopped off a stack of hay and stabbed an invader in the juggler. She took out her second dagger and spun around gracefully. She then quickly stabbed the invader in the side. She heard another one charging towards her. She bent her body backward, reacting by slashing the throat of the invader and then she flipped backward to kick the dead body to the side. She turned around to see an invader looking at her dead center with a two handed mace. He chuckled as he spun it around him. Fiona smirked as she chucked one of her dagger in the invader’s knee. He howled slightly as he started to kneel, then she chucked her final dagger in his other knee, making him completely kneel before her. She blew out a breath of air and ran after him. The invader gave one last swing, only to miss because she flipped over him. While she was in the air, Fiona grabbed his head and twisted it, cracking it to death. She cracked her neck and walked over to retrieve daggers. She started to breath heavy as she sensed someone coming from behind. She slightly looked behind her to see an invader stalker with a short sword creeping up to her. She spun around, kicking his jaw with her booted heel. The stalker’s jaw snapped as he fell to the ground. She rushed over and stabbed his heart. She stood up, ready for more blood. 
“Haha!! Excellent!. Cyous blessed me with a dual wielding  berserker woman with the beauty of a goddess.” Conn said as he walked near her, dragging an invader by the hair and kicking him over so he can kneel before him. Conn took his axe and chopped off the head. The body fell before him and the head was still in his hands. He tossed it to the side and walked next to her. 
“My love, I fight for you, our land, our people, and Cyous.” Fiona said as she saw an invader running towards her. She blocked the onslaught of the invader’s iron axe and she used her other sword arm to shove her dagger in his neck, she then carved around his throat and she pushed the head to the side. 
“I fight for all of those as well, but I mostly fight for you, my Queen” Conn replied as he blocked the attack of a sword swing. He swung and the iron sword broke and he spun around to hack at the invader’s neck, killing him instantly. Fiona and Conn looked for more enemies. They both saw the leader of the invaders. He wore a giant fur cloth around his body with the skull of what looks like a moose on his head as a helmet. He was carrying a double bladed battle axe of iron and an iron flail. He was a pretty buff leader, but spoke no words, only grunts and a smirk of pain. Conn stepped towards the left while Fiona twirled her dagger s and stepped to the right. The leader chuckled an evil laugh as he swung his axe at Fiona. She ducked and saw his flail heading in her way. She flipped backwards and landed on a haystack, ready for more. 
Conn ran from behind and swung and tried to behead him, but the leader lifted his flail so his axe would get caught in the chain. Both Conn and the leader struggled to get their weapon but they saw they had equal strength. Conn wrapped his arm around the chain of the flail as he stepped closer. The leader growled as he swung his axe, but Conn ducked and punched the leader in the side. The leader twisted the flail and he swung it around, eventually Conn was dragged and fell to the ground. Conn’s axe fell and the leader was about to strike but Fiona jumped behind him and shoved both daggers in his back. 
The leader howled and Fiona took them out, then jumped and shoved them in his shoulders. She twirled around and sliced off his flail hand. He howled more as he tried to swing at her, but she was too fast and flexible. Conn got up and ran to his axe and swung at him again, but the leader blocked with his axe arm. Conn placed his left arm behind his back, only going to use his right arm with his axe to give the leader a fair fight. The leader knew what the dual would be and he nodded. Conn nodded. Fiona knew as well and she stepped back, watching. The two leaders circled around and they swung at each other. The leader blocked his blow and swung low towards his leg. Conn blocked and spun his axe to attack, only to have it meet iron blocking it. 
“You’re a worthy opponent, Cyous will greet you soon” Conn said as he looked in the eyes of his enemy. He only saw dark eyes. Conn swung again but the leader blocked. The leader hacked away, becoming more aggressive. Conn blocked more and more, but he got knocked down by the leader’s other arm knocking him down. The leader chuckled as he slammed his axe downward. 
“You coward!” Conn barked as he rolled out of the way, then cutting his attendant. The leader barked more, kneeling once more. Conn looked at Fiona as he got up and nodded. Fiona nodded back and walked up to the invader leader, shoving a dagger to both of his sides. Conn walked up to him and hacked his neck almost completely off. The leader fell and Conn removed his head. He stood on a small hill and showed it on the battlefield, yelling a victory screech. Everyone stopped to see what the screaming was. The Valhorians cheered while the invaders fled out of their homeland. Conn placed the invaders’ heads on spikes and left them in the bloody snow fields, to show the invaders what Valhoria can do. 
“My people!” Conn spoke “Let’s drink till our lungs are filled and feast till our guts burst, for our defense earned us a victory!” Everyone placed their weapons away and burned the bodies while they celebrated. Fiona walked up to her lover with a sudden smile on her face. Conn was looking outward to the horizon with a mug of ale. Fiona held and leaned on his right arm. Conn looked down and smiled as he drank.
“Everything alright?” Conn asked. 
“Yes, I already ate some beef and drank some snow berry juice, but I just received important news” Fiona replied. 
“What news?” Conn asked.
“I’m…..I’m...I am pregnant” Fiona told him with a beautiful smile. Conn lowered his mug and held her stomach. 
“Cyous…he gave us our first child” Conn spoke as he hugged his wife. Fiona cried with tears of joy and Conn closed his eyes and grinned happily. They will have their child, one that could change fate itself. 
Chapter Two
It happened. The son of Fiona and Conn has been birthed. Conn and Fiona held their baby boy like treasure from the Gods. The name of the child was Lothor. Lothor had black hair and was bigger than the other infants. As years went by and the Valhorian prince grew older, Lothor was able to overcome any of the Youngblood. He was getting very good at using blades and blunt weapons, ones he could hold at his age of course. His father taught him how to use weapons of steel, how to face enemies and monsters, how to survive in the lands and in dungeons. He also taught Lothor how to forge weapons and armor as a blacksmith. His mother taught him archery, what kinds of monsters there are in the world, alchemy, wildlife, and dual wielding. 
Lothor would do chores that were considered to be manual labor to get his muscles in shape, to keep his upward keen senses at ease, and also Conn wanted him to grow a rage and fury for a more effective kill to deliver to his foes. It would seem to the Valhorians that he was growing stronger by the day. At the age of 6, he killed his first goblin by shoving a dagger in its neck. At 10, he could kill an orc with no problem. Now at age 13, he could best weak men, orcs, hobgoblins, simple ogres and smaller trolls. When he would spar against other Valhorian Youngbloods, his opponents would leave the sparring field with broken bones or a bloody face. Lothor was then considered to be one of the most brutal Valhorian Youngbloods since. 
Lothor would be tested by his father by going out into the wild and explore caves and come back with heads of creatures he would kill, and he would return to his father with heads of almost everything in that cave. One day he had to carry two bags full of goblin heads. But today was his lucky day. He just turned 16. As tradition, Lothor has to prove that he is a man and a true barbarian prince of Valhoria. His father was deciding on what creature he would have to face. Lothor would have to deal with a life threatening monster that he either has little or no experience with. Conn walked up to Lothor who was packing up his things: his sword, dagger, two torches, and wound treating tools. He was wearing his simple fur and leather armor and he made himself a fox head cap with hide sides. Conn patted his shoulder and said “Well now, Cyous and I can see that you’re battle hungry” 
“Aye, I want to drag limbs of my enemy back here so all of Valhoria can know I was meant to be prince” Lothor replied. 
Conn chuckled “You do not need to prove that anymore. You did kill that group of orcs by yourself with only a dagger last year. But today, you won’t fight goblins anymore. Your enemy will be a Brown Minotaur” 
Lothor had no emotion or expression on his face. “I will turn him into jerky; just point me to his death bed” 
Conn wasn’t surprised that Lothor was this ready He did train his only son to be just like him, but he quickly thought to himself as he told him where to go that Lothor might be the best Valhorian he ever saw, no fear, no mercy for anyone, no emotions to drain his strength. Lothor, without no words or actions, headed off. Fiona ran ahead of him and hugged him. Lothor grunted and hugged back. 
“Please be safe Lothor. May Cyous grant you the strength of ten hill giants” Fiona said to him. 
“And by midday, that Minotaur’s head will roll down Valhorian dirt” Lothor replied as he continued walking. A small crowd watched him leave. They whispered and rumors went around saying that he is either very brave, or foolish. 
Lothor walked through the Faydock Forests and saw a hole in a small three foot hill. He looked inside and saw a cavern going down. Lothor took his sword and chipped the rock and dirt inward to make the hole bigger. He took up a torch and walked in. The cavern was covered with spider webs. He ignored it to find the Minotaur eating something. Lothor hesitated and gasped. The Minotaur looked up from eating a huntress. Lothor never saw anything like this before. The man-bull got up and roared as it drew his club from his side. 
“New Meat!” The Minotaur spoke in a grunt voice. 
“You will be turned to jerky pretty soon” Lothor said, trying to muster his courage and forgetting his nervousness. He then saw it charging and was about to give out a powerful attack. Lothor rolled out of the way and dropped the torch. Lothor took his position in a crouch and sliced at its leg. The beast howled as his turned around quickly and swung downward. Lothor rolled again out of the way and sliced his thigh. It shook its head as he picked up Lothor and tossed him like a rag. Lothor smacked on the floor on his back. The Minotaur was about to stomp him, but Lothor smacked the hove out of the way and he quickly got up. 
Lothor swung at its face and it blocked with its horn. The Minotaur swung but Lothor blocked and he staggered a bit. Lothor waited for it to come closer and he spun around to slice its hand, making it drop the club. Lothor attacked more and more, giving the beast more wounds until the man-bull punched him. Lothor couldn’t withstand that blow. He fell back a bit and he dropped his sword. The Minotaur grabbed his leg and dragged him close to it and it picked him up. Lothor drew his dagger and he stabbed its neck. The Minotaur roared as he dropped the barbarian. Lothor ran to grab his sword and hacked at his neck. 
He kept hacking and hacking until it couldn’t move anymore, but he still hack and started craving its head loose. He then looked at it with disgust as he took his dagger out and looked at it, wiped the blood from his face, then back at the body. 
Fiona was starting to get worried. It has been more than a couple hours since he left. Conn kept giving her strength that he will make it. Someone shouted for a young man walking. A crowd was gathered to see who it was. It was Lothor. And with him was his bloody sword in his right hand, and he was dragging the Minotaur head in his left. He tossed it in front of his parents, his mother gasped but his father stared at it with wonder and in awe. Lothor stared at his peers and family as he dropped his pack and sliced it open. Sliced Minotaur meat poured out. He looked at his father and placed his sword away on his side as he walked away. 
“Told you I would bring him back” Lothor said as he headed away. Conn was impressed. Fiona giggled as she leaned on his shoulder and held his arm. 
“He is now a man” She said. 
“By Cyous woman. He just picked up a sword and proved to us that he is our Prince…I am proud of him”
Chapter Three
Lothor was in the blacksmith’s forge cabin as he held his sword and practiced. He swung it quick but elegant. His movements were like wolf: quick and savage, strong and graceful. He knew when to kill, when the time was right. Lothor grew to be fearless over his years. Though he still trains with his father and mother, he fights like a professional. 
Conn walked in the cabin, seeing him swing his blade. Lothor knew he was there, but he did not mind. Conn walked up to him and looked at him. Lothor saw that he was in front of him and he stopped. 
“Let me see your sword” Conn said. Lothor nodded as he handed him his blade. Conn held it firmly and loosely. He swung it a few times as he started to walk over by the forge with Lothor’s sword on his shoulder. 
“Come, let’s make you a better sword” Conn said. Conn and Lothor started making a broad sword. Lothor pulled the rope to let the air blow in and kept the fire going while Conn did the rest. Conn hammered the steel and dunked it in the cold water. 
“Do you know why steel is so important here?” Conn asked him while he was making the sword. Lothor shrugged. 
“Because steel is the strongest of all metal. When Cyous made the Earth, he wanted people to follow him into his greatness and glory. So he made barbarians to act on his behalf upon the world; to adventure, to kill, and to live. Cyous was proud of his people, so he crafted and gave them the gift of steel. His people used it to be the most glorious people of all, and we still are today. He also allied with other Gods and Goddesses to make magic, monsters, and other things to test the will and strength of the barbarians. But remember Lothor. Cyous gave us steel and with steel in your hands, you will be unbeatable. Having steel in your hand, made by a Valhorian, will conquer anything. A sword can stop a wizard from casting spells if you remove their hands. An axe can behead the mightiest hydra. A warhammer can smash demons back to hell. Also know this my son, no one, and I mean no one in this world will destroy who we are and how we walk these lands. You are the strongest thing Cyous has made and he thinks you are his greatest weapon. Now, last thing Lothor, no one, no one in this world should be trusted. Our gift is far too great to be given into the wrong hands. No man, no woman, no monster or source of magic can defeat you. But if you fall, you will fall with a steel weapon in your hand and go to Cyous” Conn told him as he hugged him and handed him the new broad sword. Lothor held it firmly and hugged back. 
Chapter Four
Lothor and Fiona were sparring. Fiona had her two daggers and Lothor had his new sword. Lothor blocked her deadly and swift strikes. Of course, Fiona wasn’t trying to kill him, she was merely teasing him. Lothor swung his sword around and tried to get her cat-like balance off. Fiona knew what he was doing, and she grinned. Fiona leaped and twirled in the air. Lothor swung upward at her, but she pushed the broad sword back and landed like a cat on her feet, lowered and she twirled her daggers and waited for Lothor’s next attack. Lothor held his sword tight and up high. Lothor charged in and tried to knock her to the ground but Fiona slid under him and leaped upward, jumping and kicking him down. Lothor rolled over and tried a stab but Fiona spun and kicked his blade out of his hand and she already had a dagger by his throat. Lothor breathed in heavy as he saw her giggle and he smile a bit. 
Fiona sensed something. She turned only her eyes and quickly twisted and jumped in the air. Lothor saw Conn come from behind and tried to take his axe and get her, knowing she would avoid it. Lothor gasped and quickly grabbed his sword and held it defensively. Conn swung multiple times but Fiona kept on ducking and dodging and blocking. Lothor ran in and swung at Conn. Conn took the handle part of the axe and blocked his attack and pushed him aside so he can block Fiona’s attack. Fiona spun around and attacked him multiple times but Conn was strong enough to hold his own. Lothor came from behind and held his mother and lifted her up to toss her aside. Fiona was indeed surprised of his strength and the sudden toss but her agility was too much, she flipped and landed behind him. They retreated and stood their ground. 
Conn held his two handed axe and waited for a movement. Fiona tried to regain her energy and waited. Lothor didn’t know what to do; he never faced his both of his parents in one spar. He just stood there, holding his sword in both hands, waiting for something to happen. Fiona grew impatient. She did cartwheels and a few twirls and flips toward Conn. Conn held his axe in front of him so that her twin daggers would end up hitting wood. Conn pushed her back and swung. Fiona only flipped backwards and his swung just passed her legs. Lothor ran in, swinging at Fiona while she was flipping. She blocked his attacks with her daggers and landed in front of him. She smirked as she spun and tripped him with her legs, as she saw Conn come in, swinging away. Conn kicked her shin in and she got into a splits. She got up in a crouch and flipped upward to kick his face. 
Conn stepped back a bit as Fiona landed like a panther. She didn’t hear Lothor storming his way. He purposely swung to hit her daggers and held his leg out to make her trip. She fell to the ground and Lothor held his blade by her throat. She smiles and nods. 
“I yield, young Prince” she says. Lothor nodded as he charged toward his father. Conn grinned widely as he rubbed his face.
“My dear boy, we taught you so well. You bested your own mother, now let’s see if you can best me” Conn said as he spun his axe and as Lothor twirled his sword. Lothor held it up close by this face. He was waiting for Conn to make the first move. Usually Lothor would make it, but since this was his father he was facing, Lothor does not know what he will do. A swing? A punch? A distraction perhaps? Conn took a few steps toward him. Lothor crouched a little, covering some of his face with the sword. He was studying him, like a tiger observes his enemies before combat. Conn knew what he was doing, and he allowed it. Lothor looked for an opening first, then a weak point, then thought of ideas to strike and came up with a few. 
Conn shouted and swung downwards. Lothor stepped to the side and reacted by looking at the axe. Conn’s axe was large and a mere man would have trouble swinging it and would have swung it slowly, but Conn is no mere man. He was more built than everyone else and he had the axe for years, plus he could use his mass strength to swing it like a wooden toy axe.  Lothor saw Conn raise the axe and dodged another attack. Lothor then took his blade and swung downward. Conn raised his leg so the blade nicked the leather. Then Conn took the same leg and kicked him so he would lie down. Lothor rolled out the way of another attack. He swung at the axe so it’s out of reach. Lothor got up and swung at him. Conn took the handle and blocked his son’s blow. Lothor kept on swinging, and Conn kept blocking. 
Conn took the end of his axe and smacked him with it. Lothor stepped back a bit; he spat and spun around to swing. The blade was centimeters away to cutting his nose. Lothor stepped in but Conn kneed his gut and was about to swing downward a bit to call it a win, until he saw that Lothor’s blade was poking his gut. Conn laughed hard as he lowered his axe. 
“I yield young cub” Conn said. Lothor got up to see his mother walk to hold Conn. 
“You are more capable of fighting anything and anyone” Fiona said as she patted Lothor’s head, which he sheathed his blade. 
“I am no Valhorian for nothing” Lothor said. Conn chuckled and held his shoulder. 
“Not a mere Valhorian, a prince” Conn said to him as he took Fiona and walked their way. Lothor looked behind him to see them leave. Lothor then looked at the sky. He saw it was getting close to evening, the sun was a little close to settling down. He saw the blue sky turning to orange. His thoughts were on; “how will I be alone in the world?” 
Chapter Five
In a large castle tower on the Black Island, home to Sidious, he sits on his throne, with maps and papers levitating in front of him. He waves a finger in front of a red book to turn the pages with his magic. Beside him on his right, is his loyal bodyguard, a DeathKnight. It is in heavy black and ancient armor, holding a giant death skull shield and carries a black skull axe. His face is hidden but its red eyes show. The black marble doors in his throne room opened, a lizard man in a dark blue robe, holding grey tray of a goblet of wine and mutton. 
“My lord,” the lizardman spoke “Your lunch hassss arri” 
“I already knew of your arrival Lurk. I am no mere mage who is unaware of everything that is around him. You know what to do” Sidious spoke to him. 
“Of coursssse my lord” Lurk replied as he gently let go of the tray, but the tray did not fall, for it actually floated in the dark lord’s direction. Lurk bowed and raised his head with a thought. “How goessss the sssearch my masssster?” 
Sidious, without a motion, had the goblet to his lips as he took in a sip and replied “You know I already have three of the blood crystals.  The ones of the Four Winds. I am one short to becoming the most powerful being this world has seen and will forever see. And I believe I found the last one’s location.” 
“SSSplended my lord. When ssshall we march?” Lurk asked as he placed his hands together. Sidious did not look at him, only read and ate. 
“Whenever I command our march!!! And I feel this one will be the easiest find” Sidious replied with a smirk. Lurk crouched a little but spoke bravely. 
“Where is the cryssstal located?” 
“In the Faydock Forests, I believe in..what appears to be, in a barbarian settlement? Let’s see” He turns some pages a bit, looks at maps and reads “Valhoria? Really now? Looks like Valhoria will be gone from the map soon” Sidious said with a larger smile. 
Lurk hisses an evil hiss in excitement, knowing he will taste blood in moments. The DeathKnight just stood there. Sidious waved his hand as the maps and books returned to their original places. He looked away and closed his eyes a bit, bored now. 
“Leave me Lurk, I must think now” 
“Yesss my lord” Lurk bowed and left. The DeathKnight slowly turned its head to Sidious. 
‘Master, why does this lizard show such loyalty to you if you aren’t controlling his mind?” The DeathKnight spoke in an ancient and horrifying voice. 
“Because..we met as pups. Before all of this I was alone in the world. My mother was a necromancer and a shadow mage. My father was a crimson priest. They met during a ritual and they made me. Me holding more power then both of them, I decided to kill them both and take their magic. I was then raised in a small mages guild where I met Lurk, who was their alchemist. We became good friends but he didn’t want to be equals due to his past, where he lived to serve back in his homeland in the Swamplands and decided to serve me. I took him in as a comrade and servant. I learned more magic, the basics and a few advanced spells, as well as my dark powers, and used it to take over the guild. I used everything in the guild to build all my equipment and Lurk’s. I used the guild master’s book to move the tower to the Black Island and made everything you see today”
The DeathKnight turned its head back and spoke 
“Impressive, but how did I came to be?” it asked. 
“You used to be a holy paladin. I killed you and remembered how good of a fighter you were, so I raised you from the dead and turned you to my DeathKnight” 
Sidious ate his lunch. He then heard a glass breaking noise. Three robed rogues leaped through one of his windows and held small one handed cross bows at Sidious. The DeathKnight crackled a hiss noise as it drew its axe and held its shield high. Sidious lowered his hand with an insane smirk with his hood covering his face. The DeathKnight obeyed and stood there like a statue. 
Sidious got up out of his throne and floated a few paces in front of them, still smirking creepily. He looked up to gaze upon them with his pure white eyes. “And what do I owe the honor of this visit, since you three decided to barge in anyway?”  
“You killed our people years ago as we were only infants! Now we are here for revenge!” one of them barked. 
Sidious started giggling “Ma’am, I killed thousands of people. I destroyed many things, details please?” 
The second rogue yelled “GERMA!!! IT WAS GERMA!!”
"Ah yes, Germa! I do remember killing your people there. Your people were screaming for Lilithra to bring them mercy as I slowly stole their blood, the look on their faces...priceless. But you will join them soon......so...wanna make a deal? You reunite with them and I get your blood! Oh and please feel free to fight back, it’ll make my day better" Sidious said as he giggled a bit and twirled his staff around. The rouges fired their crossbows. Sidious smiled widely and with more evil to it. The arrows stopped by his face. They turned around and quickly fired at them. 
“SCATTER!!” the first rogue yelled as they dodged the arrows and drew their weapons. First one held a katana, second one held two katanas and the third has a conjoined katana of two. They were divided and they tried to surround him. Sidious held his staff pointing low as he levitated his sword out of his sheath and into his hand. The second one with the dual katanas rushed at him. Sidious used a push spell on him to send him back, he crashed on the ground hard. The first rogue ran to his left as the third ran to his right. Sidious took his sword and blocked the first one’s attack as he shot a red energy ball at the third, which he was then sent back to hit a book shelf. 
Sidious he saw the second one running at him again. He signed as he let the sword levitate and face the first rogue alone. He walked to the second one and blocked his attack. He toyed him by swinging easy attacks but tripping him a few times. He giggled and teleported over to the third. Sidious held his staff to his face and bashed his face in several times as if he was in fast motion but it was all magic. The rogue died and his skull was shattered completely. The second one yelled in rage as he leaped in the air and striked him, but the blades bounced off his hand and Sidious laughed, holding his hand in front of him to shot his shield spell at him to make his face get smacked. He then glided toward him and had his black sword fly in his neck. The first rogue kneeled in horror as she saw her two brothers dead. He held her blade as she got up and yelled a war cry. Sidious licked his lips and laughed. She flipped a few times, trying to confuse him. She threw her sword at him and leaped in the air. She landed to pick up the third rogue’s conjoined sword. 
Sidious opened his hand and the katana disintegrated. She was spooked a bit but spun around and slashed at him. He held his staff to block her attack. She screamed and swung, but Sidious kept on blocking and pushing her away. Eventually he sheathed his sword and shot red lightning at her from his staff. She screamed in great pain as blood ran though her mouth. He stopped to observe his prey. He levitated her and bounded her body so she was facing him in mid air and couldn’t move. 
He took his fingers and held her chin. “My dear, you fought well to try and have my head, but your purpose was similar to taking a fork and trying to slay a dragon. You already lost….you were an embarrassment to your people and your brothers proved that just now. Your death is worth less than a mouse’s life” He held his staff firmly as his orb glowed red. The two brothers’ bodies started to twitch and shake wildly. Blood pierced through the bodies and it was adsorbed inside his staff. She screamed in fury and horror. 
“You monster!! I hope Dagoth pulls you in hell and he and Darlock torture your very soul!!” 
“Hush now. Those gods can’t do anything to me. No god can strike me down, because they fear me. If they wanted me dead, wouldn’t I die a while ago, huh? As I stand, my point is more clear, the gods are not real! Magic is the only “god” here” he said as he held his staff at her. She cried in terror as she screamed louder and louder. Her blood was starting to burst out of her body and go in his staff. He laughed more as she cried more. When she died, he tossed her body to the side with the rest. The DeathKnight continued to stand still. Lurk came in with orc guards. 
“SSeemsss I wasss too late for our guessstsss” Lurk said as he placed his twin swords away. Sidious sat back down, drinking wine and finishing his mutton. 
“Take care of this, will you Lurk? I grew tired from our visitors. They amused me so, but now sadly I do not have any more purposes for them. Have our pets feast on them”
“Will do” Lurk said as he snapped his fingers. The orcs picked up a body and headed out with Lurk behind. Sidious looked at his orb in his staff and watched as his new blood swam in it. He was growing amused by it now. 
Chapter Six
Lothor was fishing in the woods by a creek alone. He was not that far from camp, but he was good distance. He was reflecting on life, barbarian topics. Then suddenly a girl skipped along to greet him. 
“Good morning your majesty”, she said playing with her decently long dark brown hair. Lothor did not look into her bright eyes. He just continued to look in the creek. 
“Morning Delia.” He replied. She knew how his attitude was. They had been friends for a while. They met at the ages of him being ten and for her, she was nine. She first saw him sparring in un-armed combat against another Youngblood. She looked to him ever since he rescued her from two wolves that she encountered while out picking flowers, as well as having feelings. Lothor hardly had friends because the other Youngbloods were afraid of him, in a sense. Lothor was friends with the adults already even if he was ten. Delia didn’t care for his brutality. She liked him for his bravery and rescue. 
“Gathering fish I see my friend and prince.” She paused and tried to get a look in his eyes “Tell me, have you ever thought about being the next king? You will lead us after your father goes to Cyous after all, as you already may know” 
Lothor stopped to think. He didn’t really have any thoughts on it. He never thought about it. He simply looked at her, seeing a spark grow suddenly on her face as he said, “I will do as my father did, and his father before him. Valhoria will always stand strong. We hold steel weapons and the blood of true men. I say we’ll be the mightiest men in the world when I lead!” 
Delia looked at him in awe, as if he was a descendant of Cyous himself. She turned away and watched him pull up a salmon. “Not to curse anything, but what if Valhoria falls? Like we were overrun and we were the only ones left?” 
Lothor started gutting the salmon and tossed the guts back in the stream. He skinned it and removed anything he wasn’t going to eat. He then started to build a small fire and he was then roasting the fish. He looked at her finally and replied “If I live, then I will rule. And I will find a Queen to sit beside me” She grew hesitant. She moved a bit closer to him and tried to get his feelings out. 
“And who will be your Queen my lord?” she asked. Lothor munched off a piece and chewed like a brute, waiting for a match in an arena. 
“How would I know?” he spitted out a bone and continued eating, looking at her. “I pick a woman, and she has to pick me” 
Delia looked away for a moment to not let him see a tear fall from her cheek. Lothor was too busy eating and not caring about anything at the moment to notice. She wiped herself and acted like nothing happened. 
“What if someone already picks you? Will you pick her?” she asked. 
Lothor ate more and more, offering her some but she giggled and shook her head no. He shrugged and ate.
“Depends. If I like that someone, then maybe. Why are you asking these questions?” he asked with a mouthful of fish. She shook her head again. 
“I was just curious sir. You are a man now, and 18 year old princes must learn how to lead” she replied. 
“Well, I’m not learning yet. All I care about if what I’ll be killing in a few moments and what I’ll eat and drink later” he said as he tossed the stick he was using away and kicked snow on the fire. She watched as he walked away. She signed and headed back. Lothor headed towards the settlement but he heard a scream. He looked back to see goblins pop out of the snow to grab Delia. Lothor saw a few pop next to him. He drew his sword and chopped one in half when it was in mid air after it popped up. He spun around to behead the one behind him. He then stabbed the one behind him, and then used the butt of his blade to bash the face of the one in front of him. He twirled his sword to slash its neck. He saw the three goblins that have her started to drag her away. 
“Lothor help!” she cried. 
“Oh for the love of Cyous!” he yelled as he picked up one of the goblins’ spears and hurled it at the one that has her hair. It pierced right in its head. The other goblins cried as they ran at him. He picked up a handaxe and chucked it at the other one. The last goblin realized it was alone. Lothor smiled as he blocked its weak swing of a club and Lothor kicked it to have it lie on its back. Lothor stomped on its swordarm and shoved his sword in its neck. Delia signed a breath of relief as she ran to hug him. Lothor didn’t bother to notice as he cleaned his sword from goblin blood. 
“Thank you my lord! I believe I owe you thanks and a small reward” she said as she licked her lips and stepped a little closer. Lothor looked at her and rubbed his chin. His sword patted on her coin purse, he had it underneath and he gently had the purse bounce on his blade. 
“You can buy me a hot meal. I’ll let you know when I want it” he said as he placed his sword away and walked away. She kicked the snow a little and pouted, then walked away. 
Chapter Seven
It was about afternoon, maybe early evening. Lothor was in front of a large tent that served food and drinks. Delia skipped towards him with a small basket at her side. Lothor signed and rolled his eyes, pretending he wasn’t noticing her. She came to his left side and smiled. 
“Hello my lord. I came like you asked. How may I serve you?” she asked. Lothor grunted some more and spoke, not looking:
“I told you already, you don’t have to act like I am King. I am your equal, sort of. I asked you to be here for that favor you own me….from those goblins a few days ago.” 
“Oh yes. I am to buy you a meal and something to drink. What would you like?” she asked. They walked in and Lothor looked at the menu above the chef. The chef was a jolly bearded fellow who loved his job. He was those chefs that admires more than killing, and killing is like a tradition in Valhoria. 
“Why hello Delia, and greeting my lord! What might I get you two?” he asked. 
“Hi Sirbo.”Lothor replied ‘I’ll have a roast chicken with potatoes, with that seasoning you add. Along with a bowl of beef stew with noodles, a slice of garlic bread, and a mug of beer” Delia couldn’t believe what he said. When she looked at Sirbo he was just writing it down. “I’ll go pick out a seat, get what you want” he said as he went away. 
“Bu…bu…how?” Delia asked. Sirbo laughed. 
“You might as well know now. We Valhorians eat hardy every day. And so far, he’s the one of the hardiest eaters in this land. I make him good food, he eats it and pays me. Everyone wins. So what will you have?” he asked. 
“I’ll just have a glass of grape juice” she said as she counted the price and gasped, reaching in to pay for their food. Sirbo nodded and went to get their food. She whimpered over to sit in front of Lothor, who was observing outside. Sirbo came to them with the juice and beer. Lothor had his feet on the table and drank like a dwarf. She watched with a straw in her mouth in awe. Sirbo chucked as he told them the food will arrive soon. Lothor waved his fingers in thanks as he lowered the mug down. Delia played with her straw with her finger and looked in his eyes. Lothor, still looking spoke to her. 
“So Delia, what are your plans when you grow to be a woman? What will your job be?” she grew hesitant at first. She drank purposely to think. 
“Well, I wanted to make jewelry. I made my necklace last year” she held it high to have him look at it better. She made a silver chain with an emerald and silver center piece. He nodded and drank more. 
“That’s some fine craftsmanship. Keep that up and you could make a living” Lothor said. She smiled. 
“Thank you. I was about to ask you, but you’ll be King.” 
“Doesn’t matter. I could be King and still roam the lands. Me and eight of my finest warriors go out, slaying and thieving. Sounds grand already” Sirbo returned with plates of food. Lothor helped him out, with the plate of chicken and potatoes and stew. Delia looked at how big the food was. 
“Enjoy my prince. The finest food in all of the Faydock Forests” he said as he bowed and walked way. Lothor began to devour it like how a wolf would eat a deer. Delia couldn’t help but to stare. He was ripping it apart with his bare hands and eating everything edible. He had a leg in one hand, his face was in the chicken, eating the breast and his other hand reached for the stew bowl. He turned to chug the broth and began to eat the noodles and beef. He lowered it to drink the beer and he then burped. 
“My, you are one, aggressive eater” she said, trying to break the ice. Lothor didn’t even look at her. He only ate potatoes then. 
“My dad raised me as such” he replied with a mouthful of food. Moments go by of random conversations about life and Valhoria and he finishes his meal. He pats his belly and finishes his beer. 
“Cyous bless that chef. That was the best meal I had since that boar on my 16th birthday” he shouted. Delia smiled.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Shall we leave?” she asked. He nodded and headed out, thanking Sirbo and going their own ways. 
“Oh Lothor!” Delia shouted. He looked back to see her running towards him. She hugged him but wrapped the chain she showed him around her neck. He looked at it and shook his head. 
“I can’t take this. You made it” he said. She pouted and poked his nose. 
“I want you to have it. I could always make more” she said as she walked away. He looked at it and grunted again, heading to the sparring ground to work off the food. He walked to see Youngblood wrestling. He leaned on a posted and watched. A short haired blonde guy who looked like he was 16 won a match. He looked at Lothor and said:
“Hey Prince Lothor! You want to face me?” Lothor thought. He hadn’t had a good fight in a while. He shrugged and took off his shirt. He walked in front of him and they shook hands. The guy ran toward him, about to throw a punch. Lothor ducked and punched his gut. The guy started coughing a bit but Lothor continued his moves. He gave the guy a left hook which made him spin around. Lothor walked up to him to grab on his shoulder. The guy turned around and punched Lothor in the jaw. Lothor turned his head in reaction. Again the guy punched his cheek, then again and again. Lothor had his hair covering his face. The guy saw him spit next to him and whipped his mouth. 
Lothor looked up and grinned, acting like those punches didn’t do anything. He sprinted towards the guy. Lothor dodged another punch. This time, Lothor kneed the guy’s gut and then he elbowed his back. The guy landed hard on the ground, feeling weak. Lothor lifted his head up and he bashed his face with a few punched and then he punted his head. The guy was knocked out with a bloody nose. Lothor grabbed his shirt and walked away, only hearing the other kids cheering for their prince. Lothor didn’t care about their cheers; he just wanted to beat someone up. 
Chapter Nine
It was storming in the skies of the Black Island. The skies were dark grey with red lighting cracking through the clouds. The sea that was around the island seemed to be dark as well, but then again, it was always like this because of Sidious. He made the weather like this. Sidious was now walking along the corridors of his castle. His troops were preparing their weapons, armor, and siege weapons. Goblins, orcs, trolls, hobgoblins, ogres, bugbears, and a few minotaurs were gathering outside in large numbers. 
Sidious was then up on one of his towers, looking down on the army he gathered. He cracked his neck as the DeathKnight and Lurk joined him on each of his sides. 
“Raiders, soon we will have our revenge upon the civilized world! But first, before we do so, I will need a crystal! One that is the key to our goal! I have three of the Four Blood Crystals of the Four Winds! The Fourth is in Valhoria, a small settlement in the Faydock Forests. After we get the last crystal, we need the Staff of the Four Winds to activate the crystals so that I gain the power to open the door to your glory!” The monsters howled and cheered, waiting to get blood on their faces and meat in their mouths. Sidious took his staff and walked away, ordering them to prepare to sail. Lurk hopped behind him. 
“My masssster, surely thessse beasssts will figure out that you are only usseing them asss toolsss” Lurk said.
“They are under my control now, as I gazed upon each monster’s eyes, their wills were broken and souls are now mine. I have their minds serving me and only me” Sidious replied as if he didn’t care. 
“Clever my lord” Lurk said as he took his leave. Sidious grinned as he floated to his chambers. He made a skull levitate towards him. Soon, he will see an old friend. 
Chapter Ten
Lothor was alone in the middle of the woods. He was hunting for a deer. He chased it like a lone hungry wolf chasing its prey and it hasn’t eaten in days. He has his bow and a quiver of a few arrows. He chased it down hard and fast like the little tiger he was. The deer was elegant, fast, and free while Lothor pursued it with fury, determination, and hunger of course. He leaped onto a fallen dead tree and took his bow. He saw it running toward the river. Lothor used his keen eyes to scan the deer and the upcoming area. He had a wide and free area to take his shoot. He equipped the bow with an arrow. He aimed the arrowhead at the deer’s direction but a few inches upward. He shot it freely. The arrow flew like an eagle but striking the deer’s neck like a lightning bolt. He smiled as he came closer to the fallen deer and started to skin it. He then heard something, like a crackle. He was unfamiliar with this noise, so he checked it out. He ran back home only to see his eyes widen. 
Valhoria was under attack. Lothor only saw shadowy figures in a wave like an ocean swam toward his homeland. He dropped his kill and drew his sword as he ran like he hasn’t ran before. An army of goblins, trolls, orcs, ogres, and other beasts ran toward Valhoria. The Valhorians heard and saw them coming. They howled as they prepared for battle. Conn was drinking mead but tossed his mug aside and dragged his axe along the dirt in the front lines. Fiona was in her tent when a barbarian lad told her of the sudden attack. She ran outside to meet her husband. 
“Dear lover, where’s Lothor?” Fiona asked worried. Conn only stared at his enemies. They were carrying flags of black and with a white skull with a red snake going through it, and a ruby was indented into the skull. 
“He is smart, he’ll be fine. For now, Cyous has brought us a challenge!” He turned to his men. “These beasts want something to eat? Let us give them the taste of steel!!” Howls of barbaric rage engulfed the lands. Men, women, and some elder children prepared for war. The monstrous army only charged. The goblins and orcs were the first to attack. Barbarians swung first as heads were tossed in the air by force. One goblin jumped onto a barbarian man, biting off his face and stabbing his guts with a rusty dagger. 
An orc with a spear tried to stab Fiona. She jumped on the spear and stabbed the orc’s face. She twirled in the air and kicked an orc down as she blocked a goblin’s axe swing. She twisted her body so she could be on its side, then she cut its throat. A Valhorian woman with an axe chopped off an orc’s leg and buried it in its head. But she didn’t see another orc behind her. It shot an arrow in her back. Conn was walking up to a group of monsters. He smacked one goblin to his left. Its head cracked like an egg. He swung it to his right, beheading an orc. He saw a goblin with a sword and shield running toward him. He kicked its teeth inward and its head cracked. 
Lothor made it. He reached the heart of battle. By that time, the trolls and ogres came. One troll picked up a teenager and ate him. An ogre took its club and smashed a warrior completely. Lothor took his blade and held a goblin’s head as he ran the blade across its throat. He tossed the body aside and proceeded to an orc and stabbed its shine, following to stab its eye. Conn felt a goblin on his back, trying to stab him. Conn reached behind him and slammed the tiny monster to the ground, then stomped its head. Fiona leaped onto a troll and kept on stabbing its head and neck until it fell dead. 
Lurk snuck in with his wavy daggers and slit the throat of a Valhorian archer. He saw a warrior woman charging at him. Lurk blocked a blow and he bit her neck, chewing on it to kill her. Sidious watched the entire battle progress. He was very pleased how much destruction was uprising. He floated down, wanting to join in. He landed like an angel of death in war. A warrior charged at him. Sidious saw him coming to his right side. He pointed his staff at him and shot a red ball of fire at his face. The warrior’s face melted in great haste. He took out his black sword and gave another warrior a cut on his neck. He stared at that cut with a sinister grin. Black veins were appearing in the warrior’s neck. Sidious’ eye sparked and the veins burst open and black goo engulfed the warrior’s body. 
Conn saw Sidious. He dragged his axe on the ground and he slammed it on the knee of an ogre. He twirled his axe upward so the blade was stuck in its neck. He ripped it loose and blood flowed everywhere. Sidious turned around to see his handiwork and chuckled.  Conn growled. Sidious twirled his staff and laughed, longing for a worthy fight. Conn swung at him, but Sidious blocked with his staff and used a push spell on him. Conn flew back a few feet. Sidious then pounded the Earth with his staff; a wave of force came at his way as the ground cracked open. Conn flew back further. Fiona met with Lurk who tried sneaking up on her, but she leaped behind him and kicked him forward. Lurk turned his head and spat acid at her. She dodged it and leaped again in the air. She tried slicing his neck but Lurk blocked and kicked her to the side. He took his blades and stabbed downward, but her speed allowed her to avoid his strikes. When she got up, she met his tail smacking her face. Lothor was leading the remaining troops to hold and defend and slay, problem was that there were too many creatures running around and killing everyone. 
Delia was hiding in a burned down hut. An orc found her and tried to grab her. She screamed and ran. He took his mace and smashed the hut downward. Delia was trapped and saw the orc trying to grab her once more. Suddenly she saw a blade through its chest. Then she saw Lothor push the body over and offered his hand. He pulled her out and set her down somewhere safe. 
“Lothor! What do we do now?” she asked.
“We? You are a mere girl who hasn’t lifted a blade in her life. Go and hide in a much safer place, I’m too busy killing. He ran straight for battle. 
Sidious got smacked against his jaw by Conn’s handle and then Conn kicked him back. He smirked as he took a ball of dark energy and shot it at him. Conn ducked and the ball hit a goblin, whose face melted. Conn charged, holding his axe up high and swung it downward. Sidious held his staff high and blocked. The evil mage twisted his body and whacked Conn’s back, then he turned the other way to hit his thigh to make Conn kneel a bit, then he used a spell to levitate the barbarian chief and choke him. 
Lurk threw his dagger at Fiona. She ducked backwards. Lurk hissed as he drew his grey twin handaxes. Fiona stepped back a bit. Lurk hacked away, trying to get a limb off, but she was too quick and flexible. When she did block, the handaxes would stagger her. She saw him trying to his with his tail. She jumped over it and when she landed, she kicked his head and then she attacked. She managed to cut his chest. 
Lothor saw Lurk and his mother. He ran at their direction but he saw a black flair land right in front of him. He looked up to see the DeathKnight staring at him. Its axe was on its back and he held his massive shield with his new skeleton flail. Lothor held his sword in front of him, preparing to face this undead nightmare. The DeathKnight swung at Lothor, who he ducked and swung at his midside. His sword sliced against bone and armor. Lothor ran forward to spin attack it, but the DeathKnight bashed to the floor with its shield. A crow flew over Lothor and the DeathKnight. It landed on a tree and stared as if it was watching the battle like a show. 
Conn dropped his axe and held his throat. Sidious was starting to close his hand. Conn saw a piece of wood on a fence. He reached to grab it, and then chucked it at Sidious who was laughing. He got hit in the head and the spell was broken. Conn dropped to his knees, regaining breath. He grabbed his axe and ran after Sidious. The shadow mage’s eye turned red as he spun around and shot lightning at him. Conn roared and fell on all fours. Fiona saw him. She kicked Lurk’s skull and clubbed his head to knock him out. She placed her short swords to the side of her leg and pulled out four smaller daggers. She leaped over bodies and hay stacks as she tossed them. Sidious chuckled as he turned into fog and the daggers passed right through him. He reappeared and looked at the daggers, then waved his hand. They turned into snakes and he ordered them to kill Conn and Fiona. 
Conn stomped on them while Fiona took her twin short swords and chopped the heads off. 
“Is that your best sorcerer!!?” Conn barked. Sidious twirled his staff.
“Actually, it isn’t it. Allow me to show you my best performance I can offer.” He made his sword levitate and it flew at Conn. The black sword swung at him multiple times, with magical but powerful swings that made Conn stagger. Sidious now focused on Fiona. His hand glowed with red lightning that looked like snakes traveling all over his fist. He released his fingers and the lightning burst in her direction. She barely dodged them because it was so fast. She flipped sideways and when she landed, she sprinted like a panther towards him. Sidious pounded his staff on the ground and suddenly ice spikes sprouted upwards. Fiona jumped and twirled out of the way. When she was close by, Sidious swung his staff at her, but she knew he would do so. Her swords blocked. After the block, she immediately swung at him, trying to finish it quick and going for his face. When he saw her blades close, his hand created a wind spell to push her swords back. Every swing she swung at him, her arms flailed sideways. Sidious smiled as he opened his hand and sent her body rolled on the ground.  
Lothor fell to the floor. The DeathKnight crept towards him slowly, twirling his flail over his head. The flail came down after a head, but Lothor rolled out of its way. He got up and started smashing his sword against the chain. The DeathKnight took his shield and smacked him back down to the ground. Lothor shock his head and saw it coming for another blow. Lothor kicked its knee cap several times and then the DeathKnight fell. Lothor got up and punched its skull in until he knocked it out. He looked up and saw his people dying. Men being slaughtered like animals, children being eaten, and women either in chains or also dying. Lothor didn’t know what to do. He tried saving as many as he could, but the injured were defenseless and those who continued fighting were given a slow death. Lothor saw his parents fighting Sidious. He ran toward them as fast as he could, but when he was close he heard a familiar scream. He ran towards it and saw Delia with an arrow in her back, with an orc about to eat her. 
“Nnoo!!!!” Lothor yelled as he stabbed the orc multiple times in its gut and he sliced its throat. He then kneeled and held Delia. She would be avenged. He ran after the shadow mage who was responsible for all of this. He saw him smack Fiona with his staff and she fell to the floor while Conn was trying to find a way to fight off the sword. Sidious let his sword go back in his hand and he dual against Conn. Conn swung and swung more, only having the mage block and counter by shooting more lightning at him, making him kneel. Lothor roared as he ran up to him slashed at him. 
“Whoa there. Look at you go!” Sidious said as he easily dodged his moves. Lothor huffed and puffed, trying to at least cut him. Sidious laughed, having fun with him. He then grabbed Lothor’s hair and spun him around, making him crash against the floor. A troll came behind Conn and pounded on him with its fists. It then held him in a submission hold so Sidious can talk to him. Another troll did the same for Fiona and an orc did that for Lothor. Sidious laughed as he looked at Lothor with curiosity.  
“Is this your son?” he asked as he placed his sword in his sheath. Conn lowered his head, knowing defeat was near. Fiona spat at Sidious’ direction. “I think he was fun to play with.” Sidious continued to say, walking back and forth. 
“Why are you doing this? We did nothing to you!” she barked. Sidious laughed as he looked away for a moment and kobolds and goblins with pickaxes and shovels marched and begun digging. 
“Why? Because I have tracked down the last Blood Crystal of the Four Winds to this land. It will be mine” He gave orders to his minions. Conn lifted his head. 
“What does a red gem have to do with us?” he asked. Sidious turned around and looked at him. 
“Oh you have nothing to do with this. It’s just that, your land has the crystal buried in the earth, and I want it” Sidious replied as he looked more at Lothor. Something about his spirit made him think a lot. Lurk and the DeathKnight came by as bodyguards. Lothor struggled to break free but the orc kneed Lothor’s back so he can ease up. 
“He’s a wild one, fighting, always going to fight. Even if he knows he’ll be dead, he’ll fight. I like him. Men like that always bring something good into this world. Maybe I can make him my shadow slave” he laughed and stepped back a bit. 
“Never!” Conn shouted. He head butted the troll behind him, which made him free. His foot tucked in under his axe and he kicked up in the air so he can catch it. He buried it in that troll’s head and swung to behead Fiona’s troll. Lothor took a dagger from the orc’s belt and shoved it in its neck. Lothor picked up his sword and swung at Sidious. Sidious blocked with his staff and kicked him away. Fiona and Conn fought off the DeathKnight and Lurk. Lothor swung and swung at him multiple times. Sidious dodged them like nothing and made a crate crash into Lothor by levitating it against his back. Sidious pulled out his sword and shoved it in Conn’s back while he was busy fighting. Sidious’ sword glowed black and red as blood covered it. Conn gave out his last breath as he dropped his axe. Fiona cried in horror. She ran at Sidious but the dark lord shot lightning at her. She was too enraged to dodge. She tried throwing her twin swords but the lightning was too painful and her throw was weak. The short swords fell on the ground. Sidious walked up to her and shoved his sword in her chest, kicking the body over. 
The DeathKnight came behind Lothor and used the chain on its flail to choke him. It lifted him up and it slammed his body on the ground, weakening him. Lothor reached out, trying to help but h

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