The Lonely's Man's Story.

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A man realizes he's doomed to relive the worst night of his lfie.

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



He wasn't looking for anything, when he found hell.
There was no search for love, when hate filled his soul.
He was a sad, distant man, who will never again be whole.

He was lost in a bottle of Jack, when his mind drifted off.
Memories flashing bright lights, mixed with the scariest of thoughts.
What if this was it, the man he was today,
his past dreams and love, had they all fallen away?
No one warns you, about this part of life,
when mommy and daddy are no longer man and wife.
He looks at his sons picture,
with swollen crying eyes.
Screaming out "I'm sorry, for all the pain and all the lies".

He'll never forget the day he was forced to leave.
His wife crying, saying how she just couldn't believe.
The man she loved was lost somewhere deep inside,
hiding behind drugs, booze, and so many lies.
She told him to leave, and not to bother looking back, 
that's when it happened, the violent attack.
He went after her, his eyes filled with rage, 
as his son sat and watched at such a young age.

After realizing what he had done,
to the love of his life, all infront of his son;
he got in the car and drove far away, 
knowing nothing could be done
that would make her want him to stay.
The drugs, booze and lies,
were voids that ruined his life.
He's forever forced to relive that night,
as it were a jagged, rusty, disease filled knife.



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