Dont Let Me Down

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hoping this girl doesn't leave me dateless.

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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Submitted: December 14, 2010



Please don't let me down. I've waited for this moment. Don't let me drowned. I gotta know, is this what you asked for? My heart isn't for show, it's all I got, sorry there isn't more. Let's go out and dance, if our love is a dance floor.

When you first looked at me, what did you see? My nervous sweat dripping from my head to my feet? I was so nerverous I couldn't find my seat. It's hard to stay calm when your the girl of my dreams.

We blend like a shake, with a cherry swirl. I couldn't help but notice the smile on your face. And your hair and that curl. You looked at me with those eyes on that day we met. So can tonight be like that day, something we won't forget?

I just wanna hold your hand. I wanna keep you warm. I wanna do anything for you. I'm your man. And I swore, that I would never hurt you. Even if you ask for more. Love is no game, and it's definately no war.

You told me this would work out. You said you wouldn't leave. And I said I wouldnt doubt. I said that I would believe. So why am I out here cold and alone that I'm about to freeze.? You said you didn't want this, even when I was on my knees..

If your reading this tonight, it means i've already tried. If your reading this tonight, it means that you have lied. If your reading this tonight, you have already said goodbye.
If your reading this with me, then you have officially made up your mind. I love you, please don't back out this time.

-Kyler Orton

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