immaturity is not that hot.

Just a boy Looking for an opening. To escape this drug when I find out there is no dope for me. I'm an addict. Maybe that's what I was hoping to be. Maybe I'm a bad fruit. Call them Adam and Eve. Pick me off like I grew on some tree. You'll find another one. I'm sure you got three.

I feel like I can't continue. They left me with nothing, not even a menu. Choices are limited, I'm lookin for some value. Nothing turns out solid, It's always see through. I can't trust anyone, not even you. I'm scared to look out, not even for a view. Living in nowhere, with nothing to do.

To keep my mind off things, I stay occupied. Although it's a little hard, considering you lied. You play games with me. I'm just tryin to keep the score tied. I miss those happy days, when I could plan on seeing you that night. I know I hurt you, but I don't understand why you cried.

I get dreams of you, even memories. But to everyone I tell them to, there just more stories. Sometimes I wonder, but mostly I worry. To you, am I just another enemy? I don't know anymore, it's all to blurry.

I wish I could have fixed what I destroyed. All i was to you was something you could use, considering immaturity, probably a toy. All I am to you is just someone to avoid. I guess there is nothing left. I'm just waiting to deploy. Unlike you, I grew up. I'm now a man, but I was a boy.

-Kyler Orton

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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