lookin for you

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lookin for the right girl

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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Submitted: December 14, 2010



Now I don't know about your last boyfriend. But I like a girl who shows some intrest when talks to me, so begin, cause I don't wanna tell you to start over again. I really don't even like tellin a girl what to do in the first place. Speed through everything like it's a race. You wanna get down there, you better find a different face!

My girl will let me by her things. Nice things, like nice rings. And when we go out to eat, she ain't afraid of eatin some chicken wings. Cause she knows she beautiul. And I know she's wonderful. And we know we ain't gunna fall. And they know if they screw with us, we'll be off the walls. So y'all back the hell off before my girl cuts off your balls.

My girl knows she should be treated right. It's just another perfect night, she says to me. That girl is so bright. Even when it's dark as can be. I try everything to keep her happy. Keepin that smile on her face. She don't even gotta try, and it's love I taste.

I think about this girl I wish I knew. I thought I knew her. But I'm glad we're through. Whether I look harder, or try a different view. I hope your looking for me, like I am for you.

- Kyler Orton

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