its not just a battle between you and your other.

I wish she knew what I was feeling for her, I'd spend my days hating this curse, wishing somewhere out in this universe to be a way out of this chemically messed up verse, that we rehurse over and over again till it's perfectly conversed.

In our heads, we worked everything out. "Nothing is worked out!", as you began to shout. I was loosing my sense of thought, as I fought back to regain some slack in this back and forth attack.

We calmed down, you said you had enough. You forgot about this and hung up. At least I figured you did. i was only rethinking what I said, you were thinking about it too, as you laid in bed.

"where is this going? What am I not knowing?" As she thought to her self. "I'm not leaving her. I want her forever." I knew that was certain cause that's all I felt.

We both doubt on something we don't even have to worry about. Your not one person I can just live without. Your the only one person I can't live without. Just open your blinds and look through my eyes. You will see why I can't say goodbye.

You came to my door, with it all written on your smile. You said "I don't need the money, I just need you for awhile." I gave you a hug and a long kiss and i swore "baby I love you and im going to miss this so be here when i get back from this war.."

-Kyler Orton

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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